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North Island Cross Country Championships, Spa Park, Taupo Saturday, 2 July 2022

Harriers National event

With the shortest day recently put behind us the next biggest event in the winter calendar is the traditional club assault on the North Island champs in Taupō. A large group of enthusiastic club runners made the trip up, with most of those seen wandering around the lake city behaving themselves for the most part (with perhaps some interesting takes on carbo loading enjoyed by some the night before).

Race day dawned chilly but perfectly clear with Rob leading a small crew getting our club tent up early thus cunningly grabbing a commanding position on the hill overlooking the start/finish chute. The young ones got the day rolling mid-morning with the senior races following as the day heated up. Taupō put on an absolute stunning winter’s day with nary a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind to bother those sweating it out on the nicely manicured and well set out undulating course.

Olympic was well represented across all the grades and that meant there were plenty of chances to cheer on the black singlet as the day unfolded and it was good to see ex-club president Mark Handley, and familiar face Craig Walker out there running the course, even if not in club colours. While we as a club had some outstanding results throughout the day, our real strength was in having so many people on the course of all abilities giving it their best, with each and every one racking up crucial points towards the top club trophy.

While our Masters runners were strong in most grades (as we have been in previous years), it was really nice to see the club have top results in the Senior men and Senior women races with Deborah Lynch and Toby Gaulter flying the flag high. Toby had by far the performance of the day with a commanding win in the blue ribbon Senior men’s event. I can’t recall any Olympic runner having won this race in the past and it was great to be there to see club history made.

Prizegiving was, as usual, quite delayed but as the sun went slowly down it was worth the wait as a steady troupe of Olympic runners made their way to the front. The big one for us was of course the top club trophy and while Pakuranga made a fight if it, we amassed the most points and took home the Big Cup once again, our tenth time as the best the North Island has to offer. A fantastic result!

An all-hands-in pack up and it was off to get changed for the club dinner which was at the local Cossie club. Much food, wine and merriment followed which was made all the better by the All Blacks doing their bit and winning the test match for us as we enjoyed the afterglow of a day well spent. There were plenty of tired bodies hitting the sack that night, although as usual, a large group got up early the next morning for a spectacular run along the river to prove that runners are just as crazy as most people think they are. Let’s all do it again next year anyone? Eleven-time winners does have a nice ring to it :-)

A big thank you must go to Andrea and Brian who organised much of the trip, entries and accommodation, Barry for picking up and dropping off the van plus his driving, Rob, Sharon and Adrian for bringing up and setting up so much of the club gear, the Olympic Committee, and of course most importantly all of you who made the journey and contributed to another great and successful trip! Runners, supporters, organisers and coaches you all made a difference, thank you! Kia kaha, let’s go Olympic!

Placegetters and Olympic results below. 


Official results

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Senior Men

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Toby Gualter Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 28:52.6
2 Ronan Lee Pakuranga Athletic Club 29:02.0
3 Liam Lamb Wairarapa Track & Field 29:22.6

Senior Women

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Anneke Grogan North Harbour Bays 18:00.9
2 Kerry White Hamilton City Hawks 18:16.9
3 Jess Wright North Harbour Bays 18:38.8
6 Deborah Lynch Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 19:21.5
16 Anneke Binkhorst Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 38:31.0

Women Under 20

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Hannah Gapes Lake City Athletics 14:14.5
2 Isabella Richardson Auckland City Athletics 14:38.0
3 Mackenzie Morgan North Harbour Bays 15:09.6

Men Under 20

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Ronan Codyre Pakuranga Athletic Club 15:53.9
2 Nelson Doolan Palmerston North Athletic 16:19.2
3 Angus Monro Pakuranga Athletic Club 16:23.1

Women Under 18

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Bella Earl Owairaka Athletics 14:54.2
2 Sofia Lumbreras Hastings Harrier Club 15:01.1
3 Ava Sutherland Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 15:04.5
7 Lucy Jurke Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 15:38.1
23 Rosa Stanley Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 18:46.2

Men Under 18

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Elliott Pugh Athletics Tauranga 15:38.8
2 Cameron Maunder Takapuna Athletics & Harriers 15:52.3
3 Alfie Steedman North Harbour Bays 15:55.9
8 Max Doherty Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 16:49.9
17 Ryan MacKay Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 18:07.0
25 Bladon Roe Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 22:04.0

Under 16 Boys

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Ben Oxford Pakuranga Athletic Club 10:02.6
2 Jamie Maunder Takapuna Athletics & Harriers 10:09.9
3 Alex Wilkins Pakuranga Athletic Club 10:14.0
10 Connor Kemp Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 11:02.8
11 Logan Hopfler Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 11:12.5
12 Ollie Harland Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 11:18.0

Under 16 Girls

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Imogen Barlow Pakuranga Athletic Club 11:03.2
2 Courtney Fitzgibbon Feilding Moa Harrier Club 11:07.0
3 Sophie Dunnett-Welch Napier Harrier Club 11:13.2
7 Lucy Hannah Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 11:37.8
15 Maia Holdon Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 12:07.1

Under 14 Boys

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Sam Ruthe Tauranga Ramblers 10:13.3
2 Louay Benaoum Auckland City Athletics 10:41.2
3 Kingston Ryan Lake City Athletics 11:04.8

Under 14 Girls

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Paige Dobson Napier Harrier Club 11:31.0
2 Scarlett Gwin Auckland City Athletics 12:01.2
3 Marley Sampson Egmont Athletics 12:05.9

Under 12 Boys

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Jacob Williams Hutt Valley Harriers 06:47.2
2 Leo Green Pakuranga Athletic Club 07:34.6
3 Tyler Connole Stratford Runners and Walkers 07:55.4

Under 12 Girls

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Mia Thomson Feilding Moa Harrier Club 07:34.6
2 Brooke Martin Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 08:05.6
3 Tia Korewha Pakuranga Athletic Club 08:07.6

Under 10 Boys

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Duncan Crawford Lynndale Athletic and Harrier Club 04:04.8
2 Mason Webb Tauranga Ramblers 04:14.1
3 Cooper Williams Hutt Valley Harriers 04:21.1

Under 10 Girls

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Lucie Thomson Feilding Moa Harrier Club 04:03.6
2 Emily Williams Hutt Valley Harriers 04:09.5
3 Emily Broster Hutt Valley Harriers 04:16.3

Masters Men 35+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Neville Smith Hastings Harrier Club 21:47.2
2 David Lovelock Palmerston North Athletic 21:54.6
3 Reece Billington 21:59.5

Masters Men 40+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Matthew Parsonage Lake City Athletics 21:40.0
2 Matthew Rodgers Hutt Valley Harriers 21:55.4
3 Nick Pannett Pakuranga Athletic Club 22:08.9

Masters Men 45+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 AJ Cornwall Feilding Moa Harrier Club 22:06.4
2 Andrew Vane Athletics Tauranga 22:22.7
3 Michael Pugh Athletics Tauranga 22:31.8
10 Darren Gordon Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 25:42.1

Masters Men 50+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Chris Mardon New Brighton Olympic 21:52.4
2 Joe Fowler Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 23:01.5
3 Frank Evett Wellington Harriers 23:16.3
7 Craig Holden Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 24:35.3
11 Adrian Jurke Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 25:24.5
19 Miles Coverdale Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 16:17.0

Masters Men 55+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Peter Stevens Wellington Scottish 22:44.6
2 Paul Hewitson Wellington Harriers 23:12.7
3 Peter Caudwell Lake City Athletics 23:58.7
6 Bruce Atmore Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 26:25.0
13 Robert McCrudden Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 36:45.0

Masters Men 60+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Graeme Butcher Athletics & Cycling Masterton 23:56.8
2 Bruce Edwards Lake City Athletics 24:30.8
3 Chris Speakman Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 25:57.2
10 Mike Binkhorst Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 35:27.2
12 Barry Howard Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 42:54.6

Masters Men 65+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Tony Price Athletics & Cycling Masterton 26:25.1
2 Stephen Lindsay Napier Harrier Club 27:41.7
3 Gavin Smith Athletics Tauranga 30:26.5

Masters Men 70+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Keith Chapman Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 27:12.8
2 Murray Laird New Plymouth Harriers 27:58.2
3 Dave Clark Hamilton City Hawks 32:14.0

Masters Men 75+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 John Skinnon Wellington Scottish 32:54.0
2 Colin Boocock 33:18.5
3 Alan Jones Athletics Tauranga 36:14.7

Masters Men 80+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Peter Ellis Kapiti Running & Tri Club 40:31.4
2 Peter Hanson Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 57:17.5

Masters Women 35+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Katie Lindsay Napier Harrier Club 23:22.0
2 Susan O'Brien Wellington Scottish 23:23.5
3 Helen Connole Stratford Runners and Walkers 30:34.7

Masters Women 40+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Katrina Buscke Napier Harrier Club 23:08.4
2 Sarah Shepherd New Plymouth Harriers 23:38.7
3 Veronica Maree Cambridge Harriers 24:32.8

Masters Women 45+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Rachel Penney Pakuranga Athletic Club 21:20.1
2 Katy Dawson Cambridge Harriers 21:25.8
3 Vicki Rees-Jones Cambridge Harriers 22:57.3

Masters Women 50+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Kristine Reid 22:07.7
2 Kaz Lawson New Plymouth Harriers 23:37.5
3 Karyn McCready Hamilton City Hawks 23:58.3
5 Melissa Crompton Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 26:04.1
7 Julie Klein Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 32:18.8
8 Angela Clark Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 06:41.0

Masters Women 55+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Sally Gibbs Wanganui Harrier Club 19:56.9
2 Di Matthews Wanganui Harrier Club 27:01.5
3 Ali Boggs Hibiscus Coast Harriers 29:41.4
5 Andrea Adams Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 44:23.6
6 Paula Binkhorst Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 45:34.8

Masters Women 60+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Nuala Dunne Wanganui Harrier Club 25:43.8
2 Tineke Hoft Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 28:01.2
3 Sheryne Coverdale Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 28:56.4
5 Alison Speakman Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 35:40.5

Masters Women 65+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Jean Skilton Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 32:01.1
2 Annie Van Herck Olympic Harrier & Athletic Club 06:44.5

Masters Women 70+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Judith Stewart Eves Whangarei Athletics 28:06.1
2 Kathy Howard Lake City Athletics 30:12.5
3 Joy Baker New Plymouth Harriers 30:26.8