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Races and times for Wellington Cross Country Champs 11 Jul 2018 at 7:43 pm.

This year there are some changes to the 5km and 10km races: there is only one championship race for each grade:

  • M60, M70, W50, W60 and W70 grades run 5km at 12:30
  • Open men, open women, M35, M50 and W35 grades run 10km at 2:30.

There are also non-championship 5km and 10km grades: 

  • M60, M70, W50, W60 and W70 runners can choose to run the non-championship 10km race
  • Senior men, senior women, M35, M50 and W35 runners can choose to run the non-championship 5km race

If you want to run in a non-championship grade, or if you are a non-senior who wants to run in an open grade, please email Daryl Bloomfield ( and let him know before Saturday.

The times for the Wellington Cross Country Champs are published on our champs calendar entry. 



Wellington team for North Island Cross Country Champs has been announced 14 Jun 2018; updated 15 Jun 2018.

Congratulations to the following people who have been selected for the North Island Cross Countrry Champs team who will be competing on 7th July in Taupo. (S = Scottish, O = Olympic, W = Wellington, T = Trentham, H = Hutt Valley, K = Kapiti)

Update: Nic Hankinson added to the list. 

Daniel Jones (S), 
Malcolm Hodge (S), 
Niam Macdonald-Joslin (S), 
Rowan Hooper (S).

Maiya Christini (W), 
Ayesha Shafi (S), 
Sarah Riceman (O), 
Kate Slater (S), 
Amelia Harris (O).

Seamus Kane (W), 
Max Karamanolis (W), 
Toby Gualter (O), 
Logan Slee (T).

Tessa Hunt (W).

Finlay Seeds (T), 
Reuben Goldingham-Newsom (W), 
Mason Waterworth (W), 
Cameron Forsyth (Wainui).

Kirstie Rae (W), 
Esther Kozyniak (W), 
Maali Kyle-Ford (W), 
Jessica Hughes (O), 
Hannah Gordon (H), 
Carly Smith (O), 
Maia Holbert (O).

Todd Stevens (S), 
Darren Gordon (H), 
Tom Bland (K).

Tina Faulkner (S), 
Mel MacPhee (S), 
Michelle Van Looy (O), 
Renae Creser (K),
Nik Hankinson (O) (late addition!).

Peter Stevens (S),
Michael Wray (S), 
Grant McLean (S), 
William Twiss (S).

Reminder - if you wish to be considered for selection for the Wellington team for the national events please register your interest.

Olympic members competing at interprovincial relay in Taupo 13 Jun 2018; updated 15 Jun 2018.

Good luck to those Junior Club members heading to Taupo this weekend for National Secondary Schools Cross Country Champs, Saturday 16th June.

On Sunday 17th, teams from each Centre compete in an interprovincial Relay. 

Well done to following athletes from Olympic who have been selected to represent Wellington in the Relay Teams:


Sarah Hay


Thomas White, Noah Abbott 


Maia Holbert, Jessica Hughes, reserve. Carly Smith 


Will Anthony, Jack Julian; reserve Liam Wright 


Reserve Emma Douglass


Patrick White; reserve Toby Gualter 

See the full College Sport announcement

Selection for national events 22 May 2018.

Athletics Wellington has published its selection criteria for being chosen to represent Wellington at national events.

If you intend to race any of the following events:

...then please read the Athletics Wellington policy on selection to represent Wellington.

To be considered for selection, you must register an expression of interest before the cutoff dates specified in the policy. 

It's not as tough as you may think – you may be considered for selection if you finish in the top half of your grade. It would be great to see Olympic Harrier athletes representing Wellington, so please consider registering. 

::[Register your expression of interest]::


Changes to masters grades for 2018 1 Apr 2018.

At recent meetings, Athletics Wellington decided to make some changes to the masters grades for 2018:

  • Masters age will be 35 for all Wellington interclub events
  • There will be some changes to how team results are determined:
    • The will be an Open Team instead of a Senior Team
    • A club’s Open Team will be determined by the order athletes cross the finish line, regardless of whether they are a Senior or a Master
    • A Master can count in both the Open and Masters Teams races
    • Athletes will only be eligible for individual medals in the grade their age puts them in (ie Seniors, Masters 35, Masters 50 etc)
    • As per prior years, an athlete may elect to compete in a different grade (eg a Masters competing in Seniors, a Junior competing in Seniors) by giving notice prior to the race. In this case, a Master electing to compete as a Senior won’t then count for a Masters team and Masters medals but will be eligible for Senior individual medals.

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