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Toby Gualter betters qualifying time for Junior World Cross Country Champs 12 Nov 2018.

From the Athletics NZ 12 November weekly roundup, on the Agency Group 10,000m:

In the last race of the night, two pace groups quickly set into their work.

Hamish Carson led a lead group on sub-30-minute pace. After a first lap of 68, he ticked off a long string of perfect 72-second laps. Nick Horspool, and Niam Macdonald tucked tidily in his wake for the journey. When he stepped off at 8.4 kilometres Nick, right on his heels, was still full of running, and picked up speed over the last mile to win in 29:50.71. Meanwhile, Niam Macdonald surprised many with a huge personal best in second of 30:06.94 just outside the qualification standard. Chris Dryden ran a wily race to finish third, also with a personal best of 30:38.46 passing several of the runners who had tried to go with Hamish's pace early. Before tonight no one had run under 30 minutes at Newtown Park since Paul Smith at the National Champs in 1993, where he ran 28:43.63.

Further back Keiron Sexton, Craig Kirkwood and Evan Cooper paced a large group including several juniors who were all seeking the World Cross Country qualifying time of 32.05. When Evan stepped off the track at 8km the pack was still together and also picked up speed. Sam Tanner of Tauranga went to the front of the pack and strung it out. He was the fastest junior, and fifth overall in 31:26.86, but closely followed by Auckland City's Alexander Hull in 31:34.02 and Wellington Olympic's Toby Gualter in 31:41.25. All three now have the qualification standard to be considered for the World Cross Country team.  

Congratulations Toby!

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Wellington team for New Zealand road racing champs 28 Aug 2018.

Athletics Wellington has named the Wellington team for the New Zealand road racing champs, to be held this Sunday in Cambridge. 

The team is (with Olympic members in bold):

Senior Men

  • Kristian Day (S), Malcolm Hodge (S), Rowan Hooper (S), Nick Horspool (S),  Niam Macdonald-Joslin (S), Isaac Murphy (W), Callum Stewart (W), Nathan Tse (W).             

Men Under 20

  • Toby Gualter (O), Jack Hammond (H), Finn Molloy (T), Hugh O’Donoghue (Wairarapa).

Men Under 18

  • Will Anthony (O), Liam Chesney (W), Liam Lamb (Wairarapa), Thomas Strawbridge (T), Mason Waterworth (W).

Masters Men 35

  • Paul Barwick (S), Tom Bland (K), Brian Garmonsway (T),Valentino Luna Hernandez (S), Alasdair Saunders (S), Levante Timar (S),  Andrew Wharton (S).

Masters Men 50

  • Graeme Butcher (M), Paul Hewitson (W), Dallas McCallum (W), Grant McLean (S),  William Twiss (S).

Senior Women

  • Melissa Black (W), Maiya Christini (W), Esther George (W), Amelia Harris (O), Ayesha Shafi (S).

Women’s Under 20

  • None

Women’s Under 18

  • Saskia Cosgrove-Drayton (W), Hannah Gordon (H), Jessica Hughes (O), Hannah Molloy (T), Carly Smith (O).        

Masters Women

  • Lindsay Barwick (S), Andrea Harris (Wairarapa), Carline Thomas (W),  Michelle Van Looy (O).


  •  Daniel Du Toit (T).

Wellington team for New Zealand cross country champs 20 Jul 2018.

Athletics Wellington today announced the Wellington team for the New Zealand cross country champs to be held at Grenada North Park on Sunday 5 August.

The team is (with Olympic members in bold):

Senior Men

Harry Burnard (S), Kristian Day (S), Malcolm Hodge (S), Nick Horspool (S), Daniel Jones (S), Niam Macdonald-Joslin (S), Isaac Murphy (W), Nathan Tse (W).            

Men Under 20

Toby Gualter (O), Jack Hammond (H), Seamus Kane (W), Max Karamanolis (W), Hugh O’Donoghue (Wairarapa), Logan Slee (T).

Men Under 18

Will Anthony (O), Jamie Barnes (S), Liam Chesney (W), Liam Lamb (Wairarapa), Dylan Lynch (S), Finlay Seeds (T), Thomas Strawbridge (T), Mason Waterworth (W).

Masters Men 35

Tom Bland (K), Joshua Campbell (T), Stephen Day (S), Brian Garmonsway (T), Darren Gordon (H), Valentino Luna Hernandez (S), Todd Stevens (S), Andrew Wharton (S).

Masters Men 50

Graeme Butcher (M), Paul Hewitson (W), David Kettles (S), Grant McLean (S), Tony Price (M), Peter Stevens (S), William Twiss (S), Michael Wray (S).

Senior Women

Maiya Christini (W), Nicole Mitchell (S), Ruby Muir (S), Sarah Riceman (O), Ayesha Shafi (S).

Women Under 20

Tessa Hunt (W), Jayme Maxwell (H).

Women’s Under 18

Emma Douglass (O), Hannah Gordon (H), Lucy Hegan (W), Maia Holbert (O), Jessica Hughes (O), Esther Kozyniak (W), Maali Kyle-Ford (W), Kirstie Rae (W).        

Masters Women

Renae Creser (K), Carla Denneny (S), Sally Duffy (M), Tina Faulkner (S), Nicola Hankinson (O), Katie Jenkins (O), Mel MacPhee (S).



Races and times for Wellington Cross Country Champs 11 Jul 2018.

This year there are some changes to the 5km and 10km races: there is only one championship race for each grade:

  • M60, M70, W50, W60 and W70 grades run 5km at 12:30
  • Open men, open women, M35, M50 and W35 grades run 10km at 2:30.

There are also non-championship 5km and 10km grades: 

  • M60, M70, W50, W60 and W70 runners can choose to run the non-championship 10km race
  • Senior men, senior women, M35, M50 and W35 runners can choose to run the non-championship 5km race

If you want to run in a non-championship grade, or if you are a non-senior who wants to run in an open grade, please email Daryl Bloomfield ( and let him know before Saturday.

The times for the Wellington Cross Country Champs are published on our champs calendar entry. 



Wellington team for North Island Cross Country Champs has been announced 14 Jun 2018; updated 15 Jun 2018.

Congratulations to the following people who have been selected for the North Island Cross Countrry Champs team who will be competing on 7th July in Taupo. (S = Scottish, O = Olympic, W = Wellington, T = Trentham, H = Hutt Valley, K = Kapiti)

Update: Nic Hankinson added to the list. 

Daniel Jones (S), 
Malcolm Hodge (S), 
Niam Macdonald-Joslin (S), 
Rowan Hooper (S).

Maiya Christini (W), 
Ayesha Shafi (S), 
Sarah Riceman (O), 
Kate Slater (S), 
Amelia Harris (O).

Seamus Kane (W), 
Max Karamanolis (W), 
Toby Gualter (O), 
Logan Slee (T).

Tessa Hunt (W).

Finlay Seeds (T), 
Reuben Goldingham-Newsom (W), 
Mason Waterworth (W), 
Cameron Forsyth (Wainui).

Kirstie Rae (W), 
Esther Kozyniak (W), 
Maali Kyle-Ford (W), 
Jessica Hughes (O), 
Hannah Gordon (H), 
Carly Smith (O), 
Maia Holbert (O).

Todd Stevens (S), 
Darren Gordon (H), 
Tom Bland (K).

Tina Faulkner (S), 
Mel MacPhee (S), 
Michelle Van Looy (O), 
Renae Creser (K),
Nik Hankinson (O) (late addition!).

Peter Stevens (S),
Michael Wray (S), 
Grant McLean (S), 
William Twiss (S).

Reminder - if you wish to be considered for selection for the Wellington team for the national events please register your interest.

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