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Subscription information for April 2023 to March 2024

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The subscription year for our harriers (all grades) and senior track and field membership (secondary school age and above: excluding children’s athletics) runs from the start of the winter harrier season (April) to the end of the summer track and field season (March). These subs allow members to participate in our club runs, our races (whether organised by us or Athletics Wellington), and other activities. Fees are set by club members at the AGM each November.

Subs are due by 1 May. Please register online using our online registration form. You can pay by credit card or internet banking.

Subscription fees for harriers and senior track and field:

Note: These subscription fees do not cover summer children’s athletics: please refer to our children’s athletics information for more details.

Subscription Grades Fee
Senior – 20 to 34 (men), 20 to 34 (women) SM (senior men), SW (senior women) $176
Master – 35+ (men), 35+ (women) (age on day of event) MM (masters men) or M35, M40, M45 etc; 
MW (masters women) or W35, W40, W45 etc
Adult student – full time  All grades $118
Junior and youth – Under twenty (15 to 19) at 31 December
M-U20 and M-U19 (junior men), 
W-U20 and W-U19 (junior women),
M-U18 and M-U17 (youth boys), 
W-U18 and W-U17 (youth girls).
Also M-U16, W-U16
Children (competitive) – Under fifteen (7 to 14) at 31 December B-U15 and below; G-U15 and below $82
Children (recreational) – Under fifteen (7 to 14) at 31 December   $62
Even younger children (6 and under)   $25
Walker – All senior & masters grades   $118

Recreational member – non-competing.

  • includes those social members attending Tues night training 
  • can compete in club events, but not interclub races or trips

Subscription fees for children’s athletics

Please refer to our children’s athletics information for more details.

Coaching supplement:

There may be extra costs for additional coaching. Please see our coaching service page.

What you should know:

Last updated: 4 Apr 2023