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We have coached training sessions during the week for adults and for our juniors. Our main club training night for adults is Tuesday evenings. For our juniors we have training options on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons throughout the year.

These sessions are ideally suited to:

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Marty and Simon

Middle distance cross country, road and track 

Olympic has built up a strong middle distance group of runners, running track in the summer and cross country and road in the winter – or a combination of the two. 

Junior middle distance training

Come and join in these training sessions (year 5 through to college age) or get in touch with our coaching coordinator through our contact us form. 

Intermediate, college and adult training

If you wish to train with one of our middle distance coaches and you are a current full member of the club there is no additional cost.

If you are not a member the cost is $50. Please pay to Olympic Harriers:  03 0566-0125857-00 (Westpac). Contact our coaching coordinator using our contact us form to let us know you have paid or if you have any questions.

Core strengthening classes

The classes are tailored specifically for the needs of runners and walkers, providing balanced strength for your running muscles. 

Available for members and their family.

To sign up or for more information please contact our coaching coordinator using our contact us form

Children's Athletics coaching

Holly jumping

Amanda Goldsmith has coached our Olympic kids for many years. Her training sessions include core strength, flexibility and drills as part of all her sessions.

All sessions are scheduled via the Heja app – contact us using our contact us form for more information (use 'children's activities' for the subject).

Pre-season training for summer track and field

Amanda Goldsmith runs winter/pre-season athletics training from 1st July to the end of September for athletes aged 5 years and over (no age restriction). The training will be building VO2 max, muscle and speed endurance, flexibility, muscle strength, correct running technique, high jump, long jump, hurdle and block start technique, plyometrics and core. Please contact Amanda for a schedule.

Sundays (June–September)

Gym training for intermediate/college athletes (12+ years) at Revolve Gym in Tawa is from 1:00pm to 5.00pm. There are different sessions and they have to be booked prior to attending. The gym cost is $10 per session, payable on the day in cash to the gym owner. Please contact Amanda for details.

Summer track and field

Mondays to Fridays: at Grenada North Park and at other venues. Generally the times of her sessions are:

For the full schedule or for further details please contact Amanda on 021 614 064 or email amandagoldsmith877@gmail.com.

Olympic girls