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New Zealand representatives and New Zealand champions

A number of the club’s members have competed internationally, representing New Zealand, or have won national championships. This page recognises the achievements of those athletes.

Senior and juniorsMasters |  Past members

Seniors and juniors

Deborah Lynch







Will Anthony

Toby Gualter

Andrew Thompson

Emma Douglass

Lucy Hegan

Jack Julian

Alisha Gilchrist






Michaela Walker

Barry Prosser

Barry winning his age grade at the 2002 City Of Wellington half marathon

The club’s most outstanding runner of all time. Barry is also known as the “Father of Mountain Running” in New Zealand, having won the mountain races held on Mt Edgecombe, Mt Maunganui and Mt Pomona more times than anyone can remember, including 21 consecutive wins between 1978 and 1987.

Susannah Lynch




Mike Wakelin

Mike at the National Road Relay, 2001


Matt Singleton

Matt at the World Mountain Running Trophy, 2005





Brendon Blacklaws

Matt at the World Mountain Running Trophy, 2005






Dana Hastie

Dana at the NI cross country champs, 2002




Matthew Prosser

Matt at the World Mountain Running Trophy 2002


Lyndon McGaughran

Lyndon running in the Philp Shield club race, 2002




Moana Burt

Moana at the Wellington Cross Country Champs, 2002

Moana joined Olympic Harriers after returning to running in early 2002.



Jane Nalder

Jane at the NI Cross Country champs, 2002

Jane joined Olympic Harriers after moving to Wellington from Nelson in early 2002.

Jane’s pre-Olympic achievements include World Mountain Running Trophy 2001 (Italy) – 16th Junior Women.




Hayden Prosser

Hayden at the World Mountain Running Trophy 2002





Brian Watson

Brian at the Grand Memorial club race 2002






Members from days gone by

Back in the early day, international travel was a lot more difficult than it is now, so being selected to represent New Zealand was a major greater privelege. In the 1920s, travel to Australia was a several day trip by boat!

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Last updated: 28 Nov 2021