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Event results

Prizegiving, Clubrooms Tuesday, 15 October 2019
Updated 2 Nov 2019.

If your name is listed below and you weren't at the prizegiving to receive your trophy or certificate, please contact our club captain, Rob McCrudden using our contact us form), and he will help you out.

You can read full descriptions of the prizes on our trophies page.


Club Races

Maiden Race and Perston Memorial Race, 6 April 2019, Grenada North Park

The Maiden and Perston Memorial races are the first races of the season. The Maiden is for those who have never won a competitive race before, and the Perston Memorial is for those who have. Emphasis is given to the handicap results - those who do better than expected.

Maiden handicap 1st (Maiden Cup): Eoin Davidson.
Maiden handicap 1st Female: Jennie Alderton-Moss.
Maiden first female (Sheryne Beeby Cup): Charlotte Conder.
Maiden fastest time (Norman Watson Memorial Trophy): Oscar Crowe.

Perston handicap 1st (A R Perston Memorial Trophy): Rob McCrudden.
Perston first female (Don McGaughran Memorial): Jessica Hughes.
Perston fastest time (Mrs FC Perston Memorial Trophy): Jack Julian.

Club Cross Country Championships, 27 July 2019, Bryant’s Farm, Ohariu Valley

There are awards across all grades for the cross country champs, as well as handicap awards for those who beat their (secret) estimated times by the largest margin.

Girls under 7 (OHC Girls Under 7): not awarded.
- Sealed handicap: not awarded.
Boys under 7 (OHC Boys Under 7): not awarded.
- Sealed handicap: not awarded.

Girls under 9 (Dave Gratton Cup): Emma Harrison 1.
- Sealed handicap: not awarded.
Boys under 9 (Gary and Sue Dick Trophy): George Miller 1, William Whitehead 2, Salem Skilton 3.
- Sealed handicap: William Whitehead.

Girls under 11 (Dyson Cup): Greta Abbott 1, Charlotte Harrison 2, Bianca Cornell 3.
- Sealed handicap: Jack McNair-Robertson.
Boys under 11 (Dyson Cup): Jack McNair-Robertson 1, Hugo Millar 2, Oscar Thompson 3.
- Sealed handicap: Oscar Thompson.

Girls under 13 (OHC Cup - Steve Tait): Lucy Hannah 1, Isabelle de Hair 2.
- Sealed handicap: Isabelle de Hair.
Boys under 13 (Rush Cup): Blair Atmore-Jones 1, Shaun Robertson 2, Victor Thompson 3.
- Sealed handicap: Victor Thompson.

Girls under 15 (Wilkinson Cup): Ava Sutherland 1, Lucy Jurke 2, Amy McHardy 3.
- Sealed handicap: Lucy Jurke.
Boys under 15 (McCrudden Cup): Nathan Butchard 1, James Wembridge 2, Connor Kemp 3.
- Sealed handicap: Jacob Kilmister.

Women under 18 (Tina & Janice Parker Trophy): Jessica Hughes 1.
- Sealed handicap: not awarded.
Men under 18 (Smith Cup): Noah Abbott 1, Nathan Cornell 2.
- Sealed handicap: not awarded.

Women under 20: not awarded.
- Sealed handicap: not awarded.
Men under 20 (JR Perston [Masterton Harriers] Cup): not awarded.
- Sealed handicap: not awarded.

Senior Women (McGaughran Shield): Jennie Alderton-Moss 1, Rebecca Binkhorst 2, Anneke Binkhorst 3.
- Sealed handicap: Anneke Binkhorst.
Senior Men (Wiren Cup): Martin McCrudden 1, Rhys Thomas 2, Luke Spindlove 3.
- Sealed handicap: Luke Spindlove.

Masters Women 35+ (Veteran Women's Club Champs Trophy): Ingrid Cree 1, Nicola Hankinson 2, Michelle Van Looy 3.
- Sealed handicap: Nicola Hankinson.
Masters Men 35+ (Veteran Men's Club Champs Trophy): Michael Waterman 1, Andrew Thompson 2, Trent Corbett 3.
- Sealed handicap (Bill Meek Memorial Trophy): Rowan Hannah.

Masters Women 50+ (Alcock Plate): Angela Clarke 1, Cathryn Wood 2, Cathy Alderton 3.
- Sealed handicap: Ele Brown.
Masters Men 50+ (Brooklyn Harriers Shield): Bruce Atmore 1, Graeme Moss 2, Mark Anderson 3.
- Sealed handicap: Graeme Moss.
Masters Men 60+: Brian Rusbridge 1, Michael Binkhorst 2.
- Sealed handicap: Michael Binkhorst.
Masters Women 60+: Sheryne Coverdale 1, Jean Skilton 2.
- Sealed handicap: Jean Skilton.

Club Road Championships, 24 August 2019, Wainuiomata

The Athletics Wellington Road Champs also incorporates the club champs. Unlike the cross country champs, there are no sealed handicap awards for the road champs.

Girls under 9 (Barry Rush Cup): not awarded.
Boys under 9 (McDonald Trophy): George Millar 1, William Whitehead 2, Salem Skilton 3.

Girls under 11 (Rhonda Cooper Cup): Greta Abbott 1, Lucy Hannah 2, Isabelle de Hair 3.
Boys under 11 (Arthur Klap Cup): Hugo Millar 1, Jack McNair-Robertson 2.

Girls under 13 (Speakman Cup): Ava Sutherland 1.
Boys under 13 (Hay Trophy): James Wembridge 1, Max Doherty 2, Connor Kemp 3.

Girls under 15: not awarded.
Boys under 15: Thomas White 1, Noah Abbott 2, Nathan Butchard 3.

Women under 18 (OHC Cup): Jessica Hughes 1.
Men under 18 (OHC Cup): not awarded.

Women under 20 (OHC Cup): not awarded.
Men under 20 (OHC Cup): not awarded.

Senior Women 10km (Laurie Watson Memorial Trophy): Jennie Alderton-Moss 1.

Senior Men 10km (Wilson Memorial Trophy): not awarded.

Masters Women 10km (Olive Watson Memorial Trophy): Blair Atmore-Jones 1, Brydie Hill 2.
Masters Men 10km (Campbell Cup): Trent Corbett 1, Gareth McCash 2, Butch Borlase 3.

Masters Women 50+ (5km) (75 Cup - Peter Hanson): Jan Sheppard 1, Tracy Berghan 2, Cathy Alderton 3.
Masters Men 50+ (10km): Bruce Atmore 1, Simon Wright 2, Graeme Moss 3.
Masters Men 60+ (5km) (Steve Bligh Trophy) (5km): Brian Rusbridge 1, Michael Binkhorst 2, Peter Hanson 3.

Grand Memorial Handicap Race, 22 June 2019, Bryant’s Farm, Ohariu Valley

As an open handicap race, the important awards for the Grand Memorial are based on performance compared with the handicap times.

Girls U9: Charlotte Harrison 1, Bianca Cornell 2.
Boys U9: Hugo Millar 1, Salem Skilton 2, Angus Corbett 3.
Girls U11: Greta Abbott 1.
Boys U11: David Cook 1.
Girls U13: not awarded.
Boys U13: Blair Atmore-Jones 1, Eli Ikurere 2.

Junior Women (Rebecca's Cup): Maia Holbert 1, Olivia Pugh 2, Emma Douglass 3.
- Fastest time: Maia Holbert.

Junior Men (1939-45 War Memorial Trophy): Milo McBride 1, Jack Julian 2, Max Doherty 3.
- Fastest time (Perston Rose Bowl): Jack Julian.

Women (Dellabarca Trophy): Jennie Alderton-Moss 1, Cara Jones 2, Denise Pilcher 3.
- Fastest time (Scott Cup): Jessie Cahill.

Men 1st (Philp Memorial Cup): Rob Gould.
Men 2nd (Byrne Memorial Cup): Juan McDonald.
Men 3rd (Wilson Memorial Cup): Brian Rusbridge.
- Fastest time (Dad Philp's Pewter Pot): Martin McCrudden.

Philp Shield Team Race, 7 September 2019, Johnsonville

The Philp Shield is an award shared by the winning Philp Shield race team.

Winning Team (Philp Shield): Bruce Atmore, Jennie Alderton-Moss, Ele Brown, Richard Blake, Miles Coverdale.

Perston Baton Relay, 22 September 2019, Karori Park

The Perston Baton is an award shared by the winning Perston Baton Relay team.

Winning Team (Perston Baton): Dane Atmore-Jones, Tracy Berghan, Ryan McKay, Gareth McCash, Andrew Begbie.


Performance Trophies

Inter-club Points

Best overall results from inter-club races (Vosseler, Dorne, Wellington Cross Country champs, Wellington Road champs):

Senior Women (Prosser Rose Bowl): Jennie Alderton-Moss.
Senior Men (Lord Cup): Martin McCrudden.
Masters Women (Binkhorst Cup): Jan Sheppard & Sheryne Coverdale.
Masters Men (Veteran Champion Cup): Graeme Moss.

Inter-club Incentive Points

Handicap points competition based on improving club ranking in inter-club races (Vosseler, Dorne, Wellington Cross Country champs and Wellington Road champs):

Senior Women (Bradley Trophy): not awarded.
Senior Men (Jelley Cup): not awarded.
Masters Women (Harris Incentive Cup): Cathy Alderton, Sheryne Coverdale & Jan Sheppard.
Masters Men (Veteran's Incentive Trophy): Graeme Moss.

Consistent Merit

Distinction in both running and club administration (Ingle Trophy): Brian Rusbridge.
Walkers (Carol Parkyn Memorial Cup): Paula Binkhorst.

Best All Round Performances

For best all-round performance in each of the junior grades (and 60+ grade), as selected by the club committee.

Girls under 7: not awarded.
Boys under 7: not awarded.
Girls under 9 (Wolff-Ohlsson Cup): not awarded.
Boys under 9: George Millar.
Girls under 11: Greta Abbott.
Boys under 11 (Himona Cup): Hugo Millar.
Girls under 13 (C Hardman and H Rush Trophy): Ava Sutherland.
Boys under 13 (Morey Cup): James Wembridge.
Girls under 15 (Kelly Cup): Amy McHardy.
Boys under 15 (Jack Blanchfield Memorial Trophy): Nathan Butchard.
Women under 18: Jess Hughes.
Men under 18: Will Antony.
Women under 20: Emma Douglas.
Men under 20 (Major A B Chappel Trophy): Toby Gaulter.
M/W60 and over (Hanson and Watson Trophy): Sheryne Coverdale.

Family Award 2018

For points gained by two generations of the one family over all races of the year:

Blair Atmore-Jones, Bruce Atmore

Most Improved

Girls under 7: not awarded.
Boys under 7: not awarded.
Girls under 9: not awarded.
Boys under 9: Salem Skilton.
Girls under 11 (Ken Ritchie Cup): Bianca Cornell.
Boys under 11 (Bott Cup): Oscar Thompson.
Girls under 13 (Harris Cup): Isabelle de Hair.
Boys under 13 (McCutcheon Cup): Victor Thompson.
Girls under 15 (Mallard Trophy): Molly O'Sullivan.
Boys under 15 (Mike Waterman Trophy): Nathan Butchard.
Women under 18: Lucy Hegan.
Men under 18: Jordan Cresswell.
Women under 20: not awarded.
Men under 20 (Arthur T Davies Memorial Vase): Milo McBride.
Most Improved Club Runner (Jacques Cup): Nathan Butchard.
Junior Athlete Showing Most Potential (Fred Mair Memorial Trophy): Toby Gaulter.


Other awards

Club representative badges/date bars

For being in the counting club team in four out of five interclub events (including the Shaw Baton - being in the club's first team).

Senior men’s representative badge/date bar: none awarded.
Senior women’s representative badge/date bar: none awarded.
Masters men's representative badge/date bar: Trent Corbett, Joe Fowler, Bruce Atmore, Graeme Moss.
Masters women's representative badge/date bar: Tracy Berghan, Cathy Alderton and Jan Sheppard.


For those who start and finish all club runs, races and interclub events.

Not awarded.

Club Marathon Championship

Men (Marathon Championship Cup): not awarded.
Women: Ingrid Cree.

Club Champion

Club Champion - Points in all Club Races (Maiden & Perston, Grand Memorial, club cross country champs, Philp Shield, club road champs) (Charlie Grant 50th Jubilee Cup): Bruce Atmore.

Performance scholarships

These awards acknowledge our top performers in inter-club races in each of the SM, SW, M19 and W19 grades (or as determined by the club's committee). The value of the award is a free membership for the following year.