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Event results

Prizegiving, West Park School Saturday, 13 October 2012

Official results Olympic club event

See the list of trophies and competitions for a full description awards.

Club Races

Maiden Race and Perston Memorial Race, 21 April 2012, Newlands College

Maiden handicap 1st (Maiden Cup): Jesse Baxter, Danika Viscovic
Maiden first female (Sheryne Beeby Cup): Renae Creser
Maiden fastest time (Norman Watson Memorial Trophy): Cameron Edwards

Perston handicap 1st (A R Perston Memorial Trophy): Alana Gould
Perston first female (Don McGaughran Memorial): Maddy Wilson
Perston fastest time (Mrs FC Perston Memorial Trophy): Hayden Prosser

Club Cross Country Championships, 28 July 2012, Boom Rock Road

Girls 9 and under (Dave Gratton Cup): Jess Jenkins 1, Bex Jenkins 2, Hepzibah Thuraisingham 3.
-  Sealed handicap: Erana Ngarimu
Boys 9 and under (Gary and Sue Dick Trophy): Jayden Gilchrist 1, Jack Julian 2, Will Anthony 3.
-  Sealed handicap: Max Jones

Girls 11 and under (Dyson Cup): Kushla Smith 1, Aria Ngarimu 2, Olivia Aunoa 3.
-  Sealed handicap: Victoria Edwards
Boys 11 and under (Dyson Cup): George Harrington 1, Keller McDonald 2, Sam Staunton 3.
-  Sealed handicap: Joshua Thuraisingham

Girls 13 and under (OHC Cup - Steve Tait): Tamara Anderson 1, Alexandra Talbot 2.
-  Sealed handicap: Alexandra Talbot
Boys 13 and under (Rush Cup): Josh Nairne 1, Patrick White 2, Oscar Harris 3.
- Sealed handicap: Oscar Harris

Women 15 and under (Wilkinson Cup): Amelia Harris 1.
- Sealed handicap: not awarded.
Men 15 and under (McCrudden Cup): Yianni Bares 1, Jacob Brown 2, Ben Ives 3.
- Sealed handicap: Ben Ives

Women 17 and under (Tina & Janice Parker Trophy): Not awarded
Men 17 and under (Smith Cup): Jesse Baxter 1.
-  Sealed handicap Not awarded

Women 19 and under: Not awarded
Men 19 and under (JR Perston [Masterton Harriers] Cup): Martin McCrudden 1.
-  Sealed handicap: Not awarded

Senior Women (McGaughran Shield): Lizzy Bunckenburg 1, Katie Jenkins 2, Alana Gould 3.
-  Sealed handicap: Alana Gould
Senior Men (Wiren Cup): Matthew Prosser 1, Butch Borlase 2, Aaron Morey 3.
-  Sealed handicap: Rob Gould

Masters Women(Veteran Women's Club Champs Trophy): Tracy Berghan 1, Brigid Borlase 2, Marie Pugh 3.
-  Sealed handicap: Ele Brown
Masters Men (Veteran Men's Club Champs Trophy): Mike Waterman 1, Tim Horne 2, Kevin Pugh 3.
-  Sealed handicap (Bill Meek Memorial Trophy): Miles Coverdale

Masters Women 50+ (Alcock Plate): Denise Pilcher 1, Jean Skilton 2, Barbara Prosser.
-  Sealed handicap: Jean Skilton
Masters Men 50+: Graeme Moss 1, Malcolm Standrill 2, Arthur Klap 3.
-  Sealed handicap: Malcolm Standrill

Club Road Championships, 18 August 2012, Wainuiomata

Girls 9 and under (Barry Rush Cup): Jess Jenkins 1, Olivia Browne 2, Bex Jenkins 3.
Boys 9 and under (McDonald Trophy): Jack Julian 1, Will Anthony 2, James Martin.

Girls 11 and under (Rhonda Cooper Cup): Kushla Smith 1, Aria Ngarimu 2, Danielle Ohlsson 3.
Boys 11 and under (Arthur Klap Cup): George Harrington 1, Sam Staunton 2, Matthew Walker 3.

Girls 13 and under (Speakman Cup): Tamara Anderson 1, Olivia Aunoa 2.
Boys 13 and under (Hay Trophy): Josh Nairne 1, Patrick White 2, Callum Brooker 3.

Women 16 and under (OHC Cup): Susannah Lynch 1, Phoebe Anderson 2, Jess Kerr 3.
Men 16 and under (OHC Cup): Jesse Baxter 1, Ben Ives 2.

Women 19 and under (OHC Cup): Helen O'Connor 1, Rebecca Binkhorst 2.
Men 19 and under (OHC Cup): Sean McCrudden 1, Aaron Lynch 2.

Senior Women (Laurie Watson Memorial Trophy): Lizzy Bunckenburg 1, Alana Gould 2.
Senior Men (Wilson Memorial Trophy): Mark Searle 1, Butch Borlase 2, Aaron Morey 3.

Masters Women (Olive Watson Memorial Trophy): Michelle Van Looy 1, Sharon Walker 2, Marie Pugh 3.
Masters Men (Campbell Cup): Mike Waterman 1, Tim Horne 2, Steve Walker 3.

Masters Women 50+: Tineke Hooft 1, Denise Pilcher 2, Jean Skilton 3.
Masters Men 50+: Mark Handley 1, Graeme Moss 2, Mike Binkhorst 3.

Grand Memorial Handicap Race, 28 May 2011, Bryant's Farm, Ohariu Valley

Junior Women: Susannah Lynch 1, Michaela Walker 2, Amelia Harris 3.
-  Fastest time: Susannah Lynch

Junior Men (1939-45 War Memorial Trophy): Aaron Lynch 1, Matt Croxford 2, Jesse Baxter.
-  Fastest time (Perston Rose Bowl): Aaron Lynch

Women (Dellabarca Trophy): Anneke Binkhorst 1, Sharon Walker 2, Jane Barratt 3.
-  Fastest time (Scott Cup): Jo Doherty

Men 1st (Philp Memorial Cup): Miles Coverdale
Men 2nd (Byrne Memorial Cup): Graeme Moss
Men 3rd (Wilson Memorial Cup): Brian Rusbridge
- Fastest time (Dad Philp's Pewter Pot): Tim Horne

Philp Shield Team Race, 8 September 2012, Johnsonville

Winning Team (Philp Shield): Miles Coverdale, Graeme Moss, Phoebe Anderson, Bex Jenkins

Perston Baton Relay, 22 September 2012, Karori Park

Winning Team (Perston Baton): Mark Handley, Jo Doherty, Dane Atmore-Jones, Miles Coverdale, Malcolm Standrill

Performance Trophies

Inter-club Points

Points competition based on results from inter-club races (Vosseler, Dorne, Wellington Cross Country champs, Wellington Road champs) - top four results to count:
Senior Women (Prosser Rose Bowl): Jo Doherty, Lizzy Bunckenburg
Senior Men (Lord Cup): Adam Carlsson
Masters Women (Binkhorst Cup): Michelle Van Looy
Masters Men (Veteran Champion Cup): Kevin Pugh

Inter-club Incentive Points

Handicap points competition based on club ranking in inter-club races (Vosseler, Dorne, Wellington Cross Country champs and Wellington Road champs):
Senior Women (Bradley Trophy): Not awarded (everyone finished in order of their rankings!)
Senior Men (Jelley Cup): Aaron Morey
Masters Women (Harris Incentive Cup): Marie Pugh
Masters Men (Veteran's Incentive Trophy): Richard Longman

Consistent Merit

Distinction in both running and club administration (Ingle Trophy): Mark Handley
- Walkers (Carol Parkyn Memorial Cup): Paula Binkhorst

Best All Round Performances

Girls 9 and under (Wolff-Ohlsson Cup): Jess Jenkins
Boys 9 and under: Jack Julian
Girls 11 and under: Kushla Smith
Boys 11 and under: George Harrington
Girls 13 and under (C Hardman and H Rush Trophy): Maddy Wilson
Boys 13 and under (Morey Cup): Josh Nairne
Women 16 and under (Kelly Cup): Susannah Lynch
Men 16 and under (Jack Blanchfield Memorial Trophy): Cameron Edwards
Women 19 and under: Helen O'Connor
Men 19 and under (Major A B Chappel Trophy): Sean McCrudden
M/W60 and over (Hanson and Watson Trophy): Barry Prosser

Most Improved

Girls 7 and under: Not awarded
Boys 7 and under: Dane Atmore-Jones
Girls 9 and under: Jess Jenkins
Boys 9 and under: James Martin
Girls 11 and under (Ken Ritchie Cup): Eleanor White
Boys 11 and under (Bott Cup): Josh Platt
Girls 13 and under (Harris Cup): Olivia Aunoa
Boys 13 and under (McCutcheon Cup): Patrick White
Women 16 and under (Mallard Trophy): Phoebe Anderson
Men 16 and under (Mike Waterman Trophy): Ben Ives
Women 19 and under: Helen O'Connor
Men 19 and under (Arthur T Davies Memorial Vase): Matt Croxford
Most Improved Club Runner (Jacques Cup): Miles Coverdale
Junior Athlete Showing Most Potential (Fred Mair Memorial Trophy): Maddy Wilson

Other awards

Club representative badges/date bars

Senior men's representative badge/date bar: Adam Carlsson, Butch Borlase, Aaron Morey.
Senior women's representative badge/date bar: Lizzy Bunckenbur, Alana Gould.
Masters men's representative badge/date bar: Mike Waterman, Kevin Pugh, Tim Horne.
Masters women's representative badge/date bar: Michelle Van Looy, Tineke Hooft.

Club Marathon Championship

Men (Marathon Championship Cup): Brendon Keenan (Auckland Marathon 2011, 2.56.29)
Women: Sharon Walker (Auckland Marathon 2011, 3.51.27)

The Kevin Wilson "Nattiest Attire" Award (The Bleeding Heart Jersey)

Aaron Morey for excessively bright coloured shoes and glasses (again!).

Club Champion

Club Champion - Points in all Club Races (Maiden & Perston, Grand Memorial, club cross country champs, Philp Shield, Club road champs) (Charlie Grant 50th Jubilee Cup): Tim Horne

Performance scholarships

These are new awards that acknowledge our top performers in inter-club races in each of the SM, SW, M19 and W19 grades (or as determined by the club's committee). The value of the award is a free membership for the following year.

Adam Carlsson (SM), Lizzy Bunckenburg (SW), Sean McCrudden (M19) and Susannah Lynch (W16).