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New Zealand Mountain Running Championships, Colonial Knob, Porirua Saturday, 16 April 2011
Updated 14 Apr 2013.

Eight club members competed in the national mountain champs, held in very wet and misty (but relatively calm) conditions on Colonial Knob, up the road in Porirua. This year it was an up-and-down course, with junior women doing one short loop (240m climb), junior men, senior women, masters men and masters women doing one long loop (430m climb), and senior men doing one short lap and one long lap (670m climb).


Official results

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Senior Men

Place Name Club/Team Time
8 Hayden Prosser Olympic 1:03:36

Junior Men

Place Name Club/Team Time
4 Nick Rogerson Olympic 0:44:09
6 Michael Howard Olympic 0:54:09

Junior Women

Place Name Club/Team Time
2 Lizzy Bunckenburg Olympic 0:22:32
3 Kathryn Bunckenburg Olympic 0:22:43

Masters Men 50+

Place Name Club/Team Time
3 Mark Handley Olympic 0:45:51

Masters Men 60+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Barry Prosser Olympic 0:45:14

Masters Women 50+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Sheryne Coverdale Beeby Olympic 0:57:35

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