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New Zealand Mountain Running Championships, Nelson Sunday, 14 April 2002

Olympic was represented by Mike W(akelin), and Matt, Hayden and Barry Prosser. They came home with two firsts.

A 1300m climb for men and vet men starting with 7km of gentle forestry roads to the others’ start, then a 900m climb in 7km to finish at the top of Mt. Campbell (Motueka). Hayden had a bad flu which really stuffed him when he hit the main climb. His time probably reflects a really awful morning for him. Matthew gave Barbara palpatations with a close battle with 2nd, only the two of them beat Melissa (women and juniors ran together). Barry ran like Barry, not as good as he would have liked but still in one piece, and a good result for someone who hasn't run all year due to injury.

Placegetters and Olympic results below. (Full results no longer available)


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Senior and masters men
Place Name Club/Team Time Grade Grade Place
1 Jonathon Wyatt Valleys 1:02:52 SM 1
2 Callum Harland Counties 1:06:44 SM 2
3 Phil Costley Pap Toc H 1:08:17 SM 3
7 Mike Wakelin Olympic 1:13:45 SM 5
22 Barry Prosser Olympic 1:23:01 VM50-59 1
42 Hayden Prosser Olympic 1:45:09 SM 25
Senior Women
Place Name Club/Team Time Grade Grade Place
1 Melissa Moon Scottish 0:45:01 SW 1
2 Moana Burt Olympic 0:47:09 SW 2
3 Carline Macdonald WHAC 0:47:38 SW 3
Junior Men
Place Name Club/Team Time Grade Grade Place
1 Matthew Prosser Olympic 0:43:36 JM 1
2 Morgan Burne Moas 0:43:42 JM 2
3 Clive Cooper Cambridge 0:45:49 JM 3
Junior Women
Place Name Club/Team Time Grade Grade Place
1 Lucy Cant Moas 0:38:55 JW 1
2 Demelza Murrihy Taumaranui 0:39:12 JW 2
3 Melissa Murrihy Taumaranui 0:40:38 JW 3
4 Jane Nalder Waimea 0:41:17 JW 4

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