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Wellington Marathon, Wellington Sunday, 18 June 2017

The annual favourite among club members.

Our over-50s turned it on today, with grade wins to Nick (1st M50-59 in the half), Max (1st M60-69 in the half), Bruce (1st M50-59 in the 10km), and Tracy, Tineke and Sheryne (1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the W50-59 in the 10km). Also Dane was second MU20 in the 5km run, and Melissa was first woman in the 5km walk. 

Missed anyone? Please let me know.


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Marathon Run
Place Name Time Grade place
90 Jono Leach 3:40:19 22nd M20-29
Half Marathon Run
Place Name Time Grade place
29 Nick Hegan 1:23:42 1st M50-59
30 Gareth McCash 1:23:44 11th M30-39
64 Aaron Morey 1:28:33 24th M30-39
145 Max O'Kane 1:37:30 1st M60-69
148 Sarah Riceman 1:37:50 6th W20-29
222 Graeme Moss 1:42:54 13th M50-59
729 Denise Pilcher 2:08:48 24th W50-59
829 Annie Van Herck 2:17:56 9th W60-69
5km Run
Place Name Time Grade place
4 Dane Atmore-Jones 0:22:23 2nd MU20
34 Blair Atmore-Jones 0:25:40 14th MU20
5km Walk
Place Name Time Grade place
2 Melissa Crompton 0:38:06 1st woman, 1st W40-49
10km Run
Place Name Time Grade place
31 Esther George 0:41:33 3rd W20-29
38 Bruce Atmore 0:42:25 1st M50-59
77 Tracy Berghan 0:45:35 1st W50-59
129 Tineke Hooft 0:48:57 2nd W50-59
170 Sheryne Beeby 0:51:06 3rd W50-59
257 Ele Brown 0:54:16 10th W50-59

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