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New Zealand Road Championships, Masterton Saturday, 3 September 2016
Updated 4 Sep 2019.

Harriers National event

The 2016 Road Champs were held on a 1km course in Masterton. Ten club members competed; from those ten, an impressive four brought home five gold medals between them, and another two brought home a silver medal each. There were two individual champions: Michelle in the W45, and Jack in the BU13. Also on the podium was Millie, second in the GU13, and Alex, who was right behind Jack in the BU13.

There were also a number of gold team medals: Michaela was a member of the winning WU18 team, Michelle won another gold as part of the W35-49 team, and Seamus counted for the winning MU18 team. 

Well done all round!

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Official results

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Under 13 Boys

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Jack Julian Olympic 0:06:43
2 Alex Martin Olympic 0:06:45

Under 13 Girls

Place Name Club/Team Time
2 Millie Jenkins Olympic 0:07:37

Masters Women 45+

Place Name Club/Team Time
1 Michelle Van Looy Wellington 0:20:01

Senior Women (10km)

Place Name Club/Team Time
16 Sarah Riceman Olympic 0:44:05

Men Under 18 (6km)

Place Name Club/Team Time
6 Seamus Kane Wellington 0:20:01

Women Under 18 (5km)

Place Name Club/Team Time
6 Michaela Walker Wellington 0:19:46
9 Caitlin Douglass Wellington 0:21:10

Boys Under 15 (3km)

Place Name Club/Team Time
5 Will Anthony Olympic 0:10:03

Masters Men 45 (10km)

Place Name Club/Team Time
9 Barrie Joslin Olympic 0:40:26

Masters Men 50 (10km)

Place Name Club/Team Time
12 Rob McCrudden Olympic 0:44:45