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Event results

Wellington Track and Field championships, Newtown Park Saturday, 18 February 2023

Track and field Wellington inter-club event


Official results

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Name Place Event Result
Zack Kimmins 1st MU16 100m 11.83s
Zack Kimmins 1st MU16 200m 24.26s
Bernard Stallard 1st MU16 400m 56.57s
Conor Rook 2 MU16 300mH 46.41s
Joshua Ingham 1st MU18 300mH 45.22s
Conor Rook 1st MU16 100mH 15.71s
Bernard Stallard 2 MU16 800m 2:13.29
Joshua Ingham 2 MU18 HJ 1.65m
Conor Rook 6 MU16 LJ 4.80m
Briar Nicholson 2 WU16 100m 13.65s
Seren Mawby 4 WU16 100m 14.55s
Celena Gotico 2 WU18 100m 13.11s
Rhea Whiteman 3 WU18 100m 13.26s
Charlotte Green 6 WU18 100m 14.16s
Briar Nicholson 1st WU16 200m 28.02s
Seren Mawby 4 WU16 200m 30.57s
Rhea Whiteman 3 WU18 200m 27.88s
Aaliyah Atkinson 1st WU18 400m 1:02.29
Celena Gotico 1st WU18 100mH 16.33s
Rhea Whiteman 2 WU18 100mH 17.51s
Grayce Robins 1st WU16 80mH 15.83s
Seren Mawby 2 WU16 LJ 4.16m
Grayce Robins 3 WU16 LJ 3.94m
Celena Gotico 1st WU18 LJ 5.12m
Rhea Whiteman 3 WU18 LJ 4.77m
Charlotte Green 4 WU18 LJ 4.39m
Linda Rawlins 1st SW Javelin 28.16m
Chris Nicholson 1st M50-59 100m 13.69s
Chris Nicholson 1st M50-59 200m 28.67s
Regan Stallard 3 M35-49 1500m 5:26.87
Chris Nicholson 2 M50-59 60m 8.59s
Regan Stallard 2 M35-49 800m 2:40.48

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