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Event results

Wellington Track and Field championships, Newtown Park Saturday, 12 February 2022
Updated 22 Feb 2022.

Track and field Wellington inter-club event

We had a BIG club turnout this year with strong Olympic fields in many of the events. 


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Track events

Name Place Event Result
Bernard Stallard 4th Boys U16 400m 1:03.33
Darcy Mellsop 7th MM35-49 1500m 4:53.42
Brad Thompson 9th MM35-49 1500m 5:38.48
Bruce Atmore 3rd MM50+ 1500m 5:43.02
Bernard Stallard 5th Boys U16 1500m 5:20.06
Chris Speakman 2nd MM60+ 1500m 5:28.36
Darcy Mellsop 2nd MM35-39 60m 8.75s
Trent Corbett 3rd MM35-39 3000mS 12:20.65
Heidi-Jane Humphries 1st MW35-39 100m 16.95s
Lily Tankersley 3rd Girls U16 100m 13.93s
Charlotte Green 7th Girls U16 100m 14.39s
Briar Nicholson 8th Girls U16 100m 14.54s
Celena Gotico 2nd WU18 100m 13.43s
Chethana Witharana 4th WU18 100m 13.87s
Briar Nicholson 3rd Girls U16 400m 1:08.10
Mackenzie Morgan 1st WU20 1500m 4:44.20
Heidi-Jane Humphries 2nd MW35-49 1500m 6:34.56
Michelle Van Looy 1st MW50+ 1500m 6:24.51
Celena Gotico 1st WU18 100mH 17.30s
Holly Robins 1st Girls U16 80mH 13.77s
Michelle Van Looy 1st MW50+ 2000mS 9:33.19
Deb Lynch 2nd SW 5000m 17:30.64
Ingrid Cree 1st W35-49 5000m 18:57.58
Sarah Bakker 3rd W35-49 5000m 22:44.43
Michelle Van Looy 2nd W50 5000m 22:57.48
Michelle Van Looy 1st W50 800m 3:05.06
Lily Tankersley 4 WU16 200m 28.30s
Charlotte Green 7 WU16 200m 29.08s
Darcy Melsop 9 M35-49 5000m 18:46.49
Max Doherty 1st MU16 5000m 16:16.35
Ryan Mackay 3rd MU18 5000m 17:28.61
Michael Waterman 1st M50 5000m 18:45.36
Chris Speakman 1st M60 5000m 19:56.48
Joshua Ingham 1st MU16 300mH 49.82s
Bernard Stallard 4 MU16 800m 2:24.21
Darcy Melsop 4 M35-49 800m 2:24.81
Brad Thompson 5 M35-49 800m 2:43.39
Michael Waterman 2nd M50 800m 2:31.76
Chris Speakman 2nd M60 800m 2:43.47
Julie Edwards 1st W60 3000mW 21:28.85

Field events

Name Place Event Result
Holly Robins 1st Girls U16 HJ 1.5m
Heidi-Jane Humphries 1st MW35-49 javelin 11.33m
Linda Rawlins 1st MW50+ javelin 31.21m
Joshua Ingham 4 BU16 Discus 30.64m
Lily Tankersley 3rd WU16 Shotput 9.37m
Cara McCully 2nd WU18 Shotput 10.33m
Lily Tankersley 3rd WU16 Discus 26.89m
Cara McCully 2nd WU18 Discus 27.83m