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Porirua Grand Traverse, Porirua Sunday, 7 April 2019
Updated 9 Apr 2019.

Another big turnout from Olympic members - both competing and helping out.

This year we had a cool southerly blowing; there had been heavy rain before the event but during the races there was only the occasional light shower.

Race 1: In the multiport, it was Kathryn's turn to do the individual event, and Lizzy's turn as a paddler in a team. Marty won the individual duathon event (mountain bike ride and run),

Race 2: Olympic ex-members/friends Matt Prosser and Rob Gould finishing 1st and 4th in the mountain bike race, respectively.

Race 3: Always popular with club members, a decent number ran the mountain race. 

Race 4: a number of club members (particularly the kids) competed in the 9km fun run.  Please let us know of the club members who ran in this race so we can add names to the results using this form: https://www.olympicharriers.nz/contact/


Official results

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Race 1

Place Name Time Grade place
1 Martin McCrudden 3:40:09 1st individual duathlon
6 Kathryn Bunckenburg 5:36:16 1st female multisport individual
17 Lizzy Bunckenburn (kayak leg) and Grace Goodall (run leg) 5:38:09 1st female multisport team

Race 2

Place Name Time Grade place
1 Matt Prosser 1:36:23 1st mountain bike
4 Rob Gould 1:45:46 4th mountain bike

Race 3

Place Name Time Grade place
11 Jacque Holley 1:54:11 2nd F40+
12 Adrian Jurke 1:55:00 5th M40
21 Luke Spindlove 1:59:51 12th M20-39
30 Aaron Morey 2:05:07 18th M20-39
48 Tracy Berghan 2:14:17 7th F40+
59 Richard Blake 2:18:43 27th M40+
108 Anne Rose 2:37:42 18th F40+
132 Tineke Hooft 2:48:16 25th F40+
172 Jean Skilton 3:23:40 44th F40+

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