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Porirua Grand Traverse, Porirua Sunday, 8 April 2018
Updated 18 Apr 2018.

As usual, Olympic had a lot of involvement in this event, both in helping organise the event and competing.

We supplied 8 marshals, 7 people for setting up the run course and another 2 as tail end charlies for the run. Plus we also had a strong group of competitors in various events: Lizzie Bunkenburg won back her multisport title, after competing in the team event last year (which opened the door for sister Kathryn to win the title). Nick Hegan was part of the winning duathlon team, Joe Fowler won the mountain run, and Cameron Forrest burgled the fun run.

Conditions were a lot better than last year - the wind was a lot calmer (last year the wind meant the kayak course was changed and the mountain bike course was shortened), and temperatures were a lot cooler (particularly early on). 

In the club results below:

  • Race 1 - multisport and duathlon
  • Race 2 - mountain run only
  • Race 3 - fun run
  • Race 4 - fun run, school challenge

I have almost certainly missed people out (particularly in the fun run) - if so please let us know.


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Race 1
Place Name Time Grade place
1 Nick Hegan (run leg) 3:26:30 1st team duathlon
1 Grace Seeley, Martin McCrudden 3:31:42 1st mixed open team duathlon
7 Jono Leach 4:23:38 4th male open individual duathlon
9 Lizzie Bunckenburg 5:29:29 1st open female
Race 2
Place Name Time Grade place
1 Joe Fowler 1:34:42 1st M40
11 Sarah Riceman 1:50:22 2nd open female
61 Grace Goodall 2:26:15 6th open female
79 Tineke Hooft 2:38:49 13th F40
99 Jean Skilton 3:06:50 21st F40
100 Annie Van Herck 3:07:04 22nd F40
Race 3
Place Name Time Grade place
1 Cameron Forrest 0:37:38 1st open male
18 Tracy Berghan 0:48:28 2nd F40
46 Iain Westphall 0:57:35 14th M40
78 Barbara Jennings 1:07:13 13th F40
Race 4
Place Name Time Grade place
3 Thomas White 0:41:31 3rd M11-13
4 Jess Hughes 0:41:39 1st F11-13
6 James Wembridge 0:43:32 4th M11-13
7 Lucy Jurke 0:43:33 3rd F11-13
8 Nathan Butchard 0:44:07 5th M11-13
16 Blair Atmore-Jones 0:47:37 1st M9-10
18 Damon Wong 0:48:09 12th M11-13
21 Greta Abbot 0:49:41 1st F9-10
22 Jack McNair-Robertson 0:50:35 3rd M9-10

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