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Event results

Unders and overs, Newtown Park Saturday, 21 October 2017

Track and field Wellington inter-club event

A day for our younger juniors down at the track today.


Official results

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Name Event Result
Chethana Witharana 2nd women 80m sprint 11.13s
Tui-Aroha Fransen 3rd women 80m sprint 11.56s
Islam Khaled-Abbas 4th men 80m sprint, section 1 9.24s
Andrew Jenkins 5th men 80m sprint, section 2 10.24s
Ben Lambert 2nd men 80m sprint, section 3 10.40s
Cory Lovell 5th men 80m sprint, section 3 11.32s
Rose Lovell 1st women 80mH 14.46s
Jess Jenkins 3rd women 80mH 15.37s
Sophie Wellington 4th women 300m 45.32s
Chethana Witharana 5th women 300m 47.48s
Islam Khaled-Abbas 3rd men 300m, section 1 36.81s
Andrew Jenkins 1st men 300m, section 3 39.47s
Cory Lovell 4th men 300m, section 3 49.65s
Rose Lovell 1st women 150m, section 1 20.17s
Chethana Witharana 1st women 150m, section 2 20.62s
Sophie Wellington 2nd women 150m, section 2 21.24s
Tui-Aroha Fransen 3rd women 150m, section 2 21.49s
Ben Lambert 2nd men 150m, section 2 19.73s
Cory Lovell 5th men 150m, section 2 21.90s
Rose Lovell 1st women shot put 10.22m
Jess Jenkins 3rd women high jump 1.50m
Tui-Aroha Fransen 4th women high jump 1.45m

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