Event results

Unders and overs meet 2, Newtown Park Saturday, 11 November 2017
Track and field Wellington inter-club event


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Name Event Result
Ben Lambert 12th mixed 60m 8.19s
Jemima Irvine 19th mixed 60m 9.65s
Ben Lambert 13th mixed 150m 19.90s
Sophie Wellington 15th mixed 150m 21.03s
Jemima Irvine 17th mixed 150m 23.40s
Eleanor White 13th mixed 400m 1:05.21
Sophie Wellington 14th mixed 400m 1:06.21
Izzy Hegan 5th mixed 600m 1:40.24
Michaela Walker 6th mixed 600m 1:49.14
Michaela Walker 19th mixed 1000m 3:06.90
Sarah Hay 25th mixed 1000m 3:26.50
Rose Lovell 3rd mixed shot put 10.51m
Maddison King 9th mixed shot put 7.61m
Rose Lovell 2nd mixed javelin 22.99m
Maddison King 4th mixed javelin 14.10m