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Mukamuka Munter, Orongoronga Ranges Saturday, 13 June 2009

A 29km off-road run from the mouth of the Orongorongo River. It goes around the south coast then up the Mukamuka Valley to the South Saddle. Return is back down to the Orongorongo river and out via the Orongorongo Track to the CatchPool Creek DOC base.

Advertised as "not a race for mummy’s boys (or girls)" we had two hardend off road lads from Olympic enter the event which was delayed until the day of the Dorne Cup races due to the rivers being too high.

Fastest man over the course was Liam Drew in 3:00:16 with Fleur Pawsey taking fastest women and 3rd overall in 3:14:41.

Olympic results:

Chris Martin    3:30:48  11      8 Open Male
Justin Tampeau  4:03:12  34     21 Open Male

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