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The Agency Group 10,000m Festival, Newtown Park Saturday, 13 November 2021
Updated 27 Nov 2021.

Track and field National event

Incorporating the New Zealand 10,000m challenge (i.e. NZ champs without Auckland and Waikato competitors)

A solid contingent of Olympic runners and supporters (and if you weren’t a part of it – consider it for next time) turned up for the Agency 10k event at Newtown park last Saturday.

With all the runners divided into groups of like ability, the racing started at 4.15pm. Sure, with the afternoon start, funnily enough, it felt like taking an international flight (remember those?) at the end of the day where you spend most of the day just waiting for the right time to leave to the airport, felt like that for the race – hard to focus on doing other stuff, and making sure energy was being conserved and eating the right amount at the right time seemed to be the focus of the day.

Despite it raining all day (as I’m sure you will remember) the rain abated just before most were warming up for the first race, being the C race – and even a good dose of sun came out, making conditions pretty humid, but gratefully received over what was looking to be a very wet event.

With the wind kicking up a bit, for me and others I assume, it was a case of sharing the load with other runners into the wind. Perhaps not the best conditions for running PBs (as a typical Kiwi understatement) but a huge amount of fun all the same – and 10k is certainly long enough for us all to finish with some stories from the race, which were shared immediately after, while watching the next race.

It was fantastic racing with fellow runners, not just from Wellington, but from around New Zealand. A great event – loads of fun, with some great performances by the Olympic team.

See you there next year! The training starts now…

Race report by Darcy

Olympic results below:

  • Race 1 = Elite (seeded below 33:00)
  • Race 2 = A race (33:00-36:00)
  • Race 3 = B race (36:00-40:00)
  • Race 4 = C race (40:00+)


Official results

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Race 1

Place Name Time Grade
4 Will Anthony 30:59.07 1st MU20 (event record)

Race 2

Place Name Time Grade
8 Simon Angus 34:45.25 SM
19 Deb Lynch 37:28.94 1st SW
20 Susannah Lynch 38:06.94 2nd SW

Race 3

Place Name Time Grade
7 Ryan Mackay 38:18.24 MU18
15 Michael Waterman 39:23.42 M50

Race 4

Place Name Time Grade
2 Darcy Mellsop 41:05.65 M40
3 Nic Hankinson 41:49.72 1st W40
15 Brad Thompson 45:57.94 M40
20 Michelle Van Looy 47:07.93 W50
23 Sarah Bakker 48:53.52 W40

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