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New Zealand Track and Field Championships, Christchurch Friday, 6 March 2020

Track and field National event


Official results

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Name Event Place Result
Emma Douglass 4×100m relay (4th runner) 4
Emma Douglass 4×400m relay (4th runner) 5
Emma Douglass W-U20 200m 3 24.94s
Emma Douglass W-U20 800m 4 2:14.69
Chethana Witharana W-U18 100m heat 1 5 12.87s
Chethana Witharana W-U18 200m heat 1 4 26.31s
Chethana Witharana W-U18 LJ 9 4.75m
Will Anthony M-U18 1500m 2 3:59.44
Will Anthony M-U18 3000m 2 8:47.35

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