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Round the Bays, Wellington Sunday, 17 February 2019
Updated 25 Feb 2019.

Fantastic conditions for today's Round the Bays/10km/half marathon - cool with a gentle northerly - the total opposite of last June's half and full marathon!

Here are some of the club results I spotted from the more than 10,000 finishers. If you've been missed off the list please let me know!

(Note that in the official 6.5km results, the Active Families category is treated as a separate race.)


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Half Marathon Run
Place Name Time Grade place
10 Joe Fowler 1:16:24 3rd M40-49
60 Butch Borlase 1:27:47 18th M40-49
110 Hayden Munro 1:31:51 30th M40-49
143 Richard Martin 1:34:31 6th M50-59
181 Nic Hankinson 1:36:16 3rd F40-49
10km Run
Place Name Time Grade place
8 Liam Wright 0:37:58 1st MU15
24 Max Doherty 0:39:58 4th MU15
41 James Wembridge 0:41:19 6th MU15
83 Jess Hughes 0:43:01 3rd FU15
113 Saskia Knox 0:44:04 4th FU15
6.5km run/walk
Place Name Time Grade place
3 Will Anthony 0:20:57 1st MU15
5 Nathan Butchard 0:27:34 3rd MU15 (Active Families)
53 Damon Wong 0:33:45 19th MU15 (Active families)
63 Brad Thompson 0:28:38 14th M40-49
67 Jan Shepperd 0:28:47 1st F50-59

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