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Rut Buster Alert! 15 Jun 2017.

Crofton Downs Train Station, 1:45, Sat 17 June

How about a mid-winter shake up!  Club run this weekend is from the Crofton Downs Train Station - a chance to use public transport to Harriers, and maybe you'll even get to say hi to Miles!  There should be plenty of parks if you prefer to drive.  We'll meet at the usual time and have a variety of routes to argue about.


Dorne darn well didn't we...

Stellar performances and fabulous to see all those black, white, and red shirts cross the line.  Taking out the horse paddock and the return to the bush tracks combined with less rain meant a faster course than usual.

This year we had two first places - in the two U9 races (Greta Abbott won the G-U9 and Jack Mcnair-Robertson won the B-U9). Deb was second in the W35, Michaela 2nd in the W-U20 and Will 2nd in the B-U15. Jean was 3rd in the W60, Max 3rd in the M60 and Lucy Jurke was 3rd in the G-U13. Awesome results all of you!

In the teams results, our W35 and B-U15 teams won. Other teams results: SW - 3rd, W50 - 2nd, M60 - 3rd, B-U13 - 3rd, M40 - 3rd and M50 - 4th. (Other grades didn't have counting teams.)  Full details here

But the real question remains - did anyone outdo Zhi Hao's Grand Memorial water crossing? .... and do we have photographic evidence? 


Get set for the Wellington Cross Country Champs (kids and adults) -  Sunday 9 July

We're into the three week countdown to the BIGGEST event the club organises.  Not only do we want you turning up to Grenada North in a crisp uniform in top running form but we also want to lift your serotonin levels by giving you the chance to help.  And we really want to make lots of people feel good so we have a heap of jobs lined up from baking, to buying tomato sauce to helping with the course set up. Please sign-up, spread the load and help Olympic Harriers earn the club some money:


North Island Cross Country at Taupo, 1 July

We have two van loads set to travel north on 31st June for the North Island Cross Country Champs.  You can still sign up but be quick - accommodation is nearing capacity. 

Brian secured a grant to cover much of the cost of accommodation and transport (cheers Brian) - so it won't hurt too much to pay for your own club dinner on Saturday 1st (Dixie Browns). This is always a fun weekend and nothing beats the hot springs after the rigours of a solid effort on the cross country.


Athletic New Zealand Road Relays are coming

30th September is not as far away as you might think, and really Rotorua isn't that far either.  Keep it in mind!


Club Subscriptions

Most people are already signed up and good to go, but there are a few stragglers.  Remember that both youth and adult runners need to be members to get into any regional rep teams.  Sign up on the web page    


Next Runs

  • 17 June: Pack run from Crofton Down's train station, 1.45
  • 18 June: Wellington Marathon
  • (likely to be a few mid winter runs or swims around here too -- keep an eye out)
  • 24 June: Pack run, club rooms
  • 25 June: Kids Cross Country Series, Race 3 (WHAC club rooms)


Sundays 8:30 am: A group of keen runners go for a longer run, usually around 5 min/km pace.   
Watch where they co-ordinate locations and transport etc



Social Contacts

  • There are a couple of active Facebook pages associated with the club.  If memory serves you need to be accepted to get access but that is not a big hassle.  A variety of semi organised runs at different levels, encouragement for summer track athletes, and celebrations of current (and some past) performances all turn up regularly.

  --       Lots of results and chats here!


  --  This is the Womens (and Mens) group a bit cryptic, but quite active.

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