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Event results

Track and field opening day/Have a go day, Newtown Park Saturday, 12 October 2019

Track and field Wellington inter-club event


Official results

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Name Event Place Result
Emma Douglass 100m (mixed) 1st heat 1 12.72s
Emma Douglass 200m (mixed) 1st heat 1 26.28s
Jessica Hughes 3000m (mixed) 11th 11:09.43
Saskia Knox 3000m (mixed) 12th 11:10.74
Amelia Harris 3000m (mixed) 13th 11:13.58
Bruce Atmore 3000m (mixed) 14th 11:17.92
Katie Jenkins 3000m (mixed) 15th 11:33.37
Emma Douglass Long jump (mixed) 4th 4.94m
Julie Edwards 3000m walk (mixed) 10th 21:40.72
Nathan Butchard 400m (mixed) 2nd 1:04.32
Nathan Butchard 80mH (mixed) 1st 15.21s
Jessica Hughes 800m (mixed) 1st heat 1 2:40.21
Saskia Knox 800m (mixed) 3rd heat 1 2:42.17
Milo McBride 800m (mixed) 4th heat 2 2:20.21
Jordan Cresswell 800m (mixed) 6th heat 2 2:24.23
Nathan Butchard 800m (mixed) 7th heat 2 2:29.73
Jack Julian 800m (mixed) 4th heat 3 2:07.34