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Event results

Track and Field Grand Prix 1, Newtown Park Saturday, 19 October 2019

Track and field Wellington inter-club event


Official results

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Name Event Place Result
Emma Douglass 100m (mixed) 2nd heat 2 12.65s
Rhea Whiteman 100m (mixed) 5th heat 2 13.47s
Olivia Pugh 3000m 1st 11:57.44
Julie Edwards 3000m walk (mixed) 12th 21:23.10
Lara Smith 400m mixed 3rd 1:05.18
Cory Lila 400m mixed 4th 1:08.43
Will Anthony 1500m mixed 1st heat 1 4:04.86
Liam Wright 1500m mixed 9th heat 1 4:21.20
Jack Julian 1500m mixed 10th heat 1 4:24.94
James Wembridge 1500m mixed 9th heat 2 5:00.62
Wallace Jeremy 1500m mixed 10th heat 2 5:03.05
Jordan Cresswell 1500m mixed 12th heat 2 5:05.08
Amelia Harris 1500m mixed 1st heat 3 5:06.83
Jessica Hughes 1500m mixed 2nd heat 3 5:19.02
Lucy Jurke 1500m mixed 4th heat 3 5:21.15
Sophie Holbert 1500m mixed 6th heat 3 5:23.06
Max Doherty 5000m mixed 12th 18:47.59
Jessica Hughes 5000m mixed 14th 21:16.67
Rhea Whiteman 80mH mixed 1st 14.37s
Olivia Ingham 80mH mixed 2nd 15.59s