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Agency Group 10,000m and Club Meet A, Newtown Park Saturday, 10 November 2018
Track and field Wellington inter-club event

A new event on the calendar - the Agency Group 10,000m: three 10,000m races, a top field with pacemakers to ensure fast times.

Club member Toby Gualter was the stand out performer, with a sub-32 minute 10,000m which bettered the qualifying standard for the junior world XC champs. 

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Name Event Result
Toby Gualter 9th 10,000m 31:41.25
Michelle Van Looy 58th 10,000m 41:56.69
Richard Martin 60th 10,000m 41:49.29
Andrew Jenkins 100m 12.18
Cory Lovell 100m 14.04
Tui-Aroha Fransen 200m 28.92
Andrew Jenkins 200m 23.37
Barbara Morrison 3000mW 20:54.11
Emma Douglass 400m 59.20
Sophie Wellington 400m 1:04.10
Thomas White 400m 1:02.43
Cory Lovell 400m 1:05.99
Patrick White 800m 1:57.97
Lucy Hegan 800m 2:13.17
Thomas White 800m 2:17.71
Jordan Cresswell 800m 2:31.26
Tui-Aroha Fransen High jump 1.45m