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Central League Meeting 2, Palmerston North Saturday, 3 November 2018
Track and field

A large contingent of Olympic members travelled to Palmerston North for the second round of the Central League series.


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Name Event Result
Rob McCrudden 7th men 3000m Walk 18:38.53
Lola Fowler 11th women 100m 13.80
Andrew Jenkins 7th men 100m 11.79
Cory Lovell 14th men 100m 13.62
Emma Douglass 2nd women 2000mS 7:28.00
Sophie Wellington 8th women 400m 1:03.43
Will Anthony 3rd men 1500m 4:12.79
Patrick White 3rd men 800m 1:58.07
Eleanor White 9th women 200m 28.36
Sophie Wellington 11th women 200m 28.51
Victoria Green 13th women 200m 29.63
Andrew Jenkins 9th men 200m 24.49
Cory Lovell 18th men 200m 28.69
Jessica Hughes 1st women 3000m 10:52.33
Saskia Knox 2nd women 3000m 11:07.16
Michelle Van Looy 4th women 3000m 12:10.28
Cameron Forrest 6th men 3000m 9:14.19
Lola Fowler 10th women long jump 4.38m