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NZ Secondary Schools champs, Hastings Sunday, 3 December 2017
Updated 12 Dec 2017.

School National event

Great weather and great competition were the themes of the NZ Secondary School Championships in Hastings over 1-3 Dec. This is a huge event with tough competition. Olympic Harriers were prominent at the champs with many performing well for their respective schools. The following deserve special mention for finishing in the top 10 in the country: Lucy Hegan (two 1sts), Izzy Hegan (1st and 5th), Will Anthony (2nd ), Patrick White (2nd), Andrew Jenkins (4th ), Toby Gualter (6th), Lola Fowler (6th and 8th), Kayla Walker (10th).

Here’s a full list of Olympic results (apologies if I’ve missed anyone. Let us know by email and we’ll add them in). Well done to everyone!

  • Patrick White (SB) – 800m (3rd sf), 4x400m (2nd)
  • Eleanor White (JG) – 100m (7th ht), 200m (6th sf),
  • Izzy Hegan (SG) – 800m (5th), 4x400m (1st)
  • Lucy Hegan (JG) – 800m (1st), 4x400m (1st)
  • Caitlin Douglass (SG) – Road Race (36th)
  • Will Anthony (Yr9B) – Road Race (2nd)
  • Jack Julian (Yr9B) – Road Race (26th)
  • Liam Wright (JB) – 800m (6th ht), Road Race Yr9B (41st)
  • Toby Gualter (SB) – Road Race (6th)
  • Kayla Walker (SG) – 1500m (9th ht), 3000m (10th)
  • Lola Fowler (JG) – 100m (8th qf), 200m (6th), High Jump (8th)
  • Andrew Jenkins (JB) – 100m (5th sf), 200m (4th)
  • Victoria Green (SG) – 300mH (5th ht),
  • Rose Lovell (JG) – Shot Put (20th)
  • Maddi King (JG) – Shot Put (26th), Discus (26th), Hammer (14th) Javelin (21st)