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Come along to hear the stories from our travelers 4 Oct 2017.

Pack run/walk, Alex Moore clubrooms, 7 October, 1:45pmFrom the clubrooms we can venture out and about.  The main reason for coming will be to hear the war stories from last week:

  • Around Rarotonga Relay: A tight knit group of Olympic walkers and runners made the trip again this year.  Esther George won the main women's event and Sherynne and Miles won their grades too.  Unfortunately there is indeed another statue...
  • Rotorua Road Relays: Six teams went away to enjoy the lights of Rotovegas.  Masters Women came away with the bronze medal and everybody with heaps of memories.
  • Waikaremoana Circuit: If it wasn't enough for people to take part in the relay a good number shot around Lake Waikaremoana on the way home.  As you do!

Athletics "Have a go day",  Sat 7th October, 1:30 to 4pm
Athletics Wellington welcome you to the first event of the summer at Newtown Park on Saturday 7 October.
Just turn up and compete on the day.  Athletes from clubs and schools are encouraged to come along to the first senior track and field meet of the season.  Open to all college-age athletes and older with U16, U18, U20, Senior and Masters Grades. http://www.athleticswellington.org.nz/Events/have-a-go-day

Masters 10k road race, 15 October, Lower Hutt
A flat 10km from the Hutt Valley Marathon Clinic's function room at Huia Indoor Swimming Pool.  Showers are available and light refreshments are offered post-race - both free of charge.   Walkers 9.15am – Runners 9.45am, meet at southern end of riverside carpark, adjacent to Daly Street in Lower Hutt.


Next Runs
Sat 21 October:  Bernie Portenski race, Titahi Bay, http://www.olympicharriers.nz/calendar/event.php?id=2981

Sundays  8:00'ish A group of keen runners go for a longer run, usually around 5 min/km pace.   
Watch https://www.facebook.com/groups/797068523644426/ where they co-ordinate locations and transport etc



Social Contacts

There are a couple of active Facebook pages associated with the club.  If memory serves you need to be accepted to get access but that is not a big hassle.  A variety of semi organised runs at different levels, encouragement for summer track athletes, and celebrations of current (and some past) performances all turn up regularly.

  -- https://www.facebook.com/olympicharriers/       Lots of results and chats here!

  -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/olympicmen/

  -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/797068523644426/  This is the Womens (and Mens) group a bit cryptic, but quite active.

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