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Lucky last of the season 13 Sep 2017.

Perston Baton Relay, Karori Park, 16 September, 12:30pm 

The last club race of the season is upon us already!  Note the earlier time which is there so we can sort the teams out in advance of the race start at 1:00pm.  This is a teams relay with the winning team members receiving a Baton, and getting their names engraved on the trophy.  The teams are picked on the day on the basis of handicaps, but once chosen the order of running is decided within the team.  Two people do a single 2.3km, two, do 2 laps, and one lucky person gets 3 laps.  Strategy can be key, and usually there is a close finish.

Helpers required to set up: at Karori Park at 11:30, or at the Club at 11:00 if you need a lift

Registration for Olympic Junior Athletics
Our Olympic Junior athletics registration day is this Sunday 17 September from 2pm to 3pm at the Olympic Harriers, Alex Moore Park clubrooms.  There's no need to come along to that if you want to register online.  The online registration link is: ONLINE REGISTRATION All details for the season at www.olympicjuniors.nz  For our Olympic Junior Athletics summer calendar check out this link: OLYMPIC CALENDAR


Junior athletic helpers needed
We still need volunteers for the summer athletics season so we are able to run all our club night activities.  If any of our teenage athletes or parents/volunteers are keen to help out we'd love to have you involved.  We try to keep the number of kids per station at a manageable number on our Monday club nights, but we can only do this if we get volunteers to run the coaching stations.  This is the same with all sports and we're no different unfortunately.  So we would love to hear from you if you can help in any way.  There will be some Get Set Go and Run Jump Throw coaching courses on offer in October.  And Athletics NZ has developed some new Run Jump Throw resources this year, so they will be available to help those running our coaching stations on club nights.


Athletics New Zealand Road Relays at Rotorua, 30 Sept

Teams have to be finalised on Sunday so if you are still thinking of going you need to contact someone before Saturday.  Things are firming up for the excursion on the way home with Rob McCrudden looking to detour to Waikaremoana on the way home (needing an extra day) -- contact him at captain@olympicharriers.org.nz for more details.

Bring back those trophies!
Very last chance -- there are still one or two outstanding.  If you can't get them to Karori Park it is your responsibility to make arrangements to have them passed on.  Contact Rob (captain@olympicharriers.org.nz) if you need to, but bringing them to the Park on Saturday is preferred. 


Next Runs

16 September: Perston Baton relays, Karori park


Sundays  8:00'ish A group of keen runners go for a longer run, usually around 5 min/km pace.   
Watch https://www.facebook.com/groups/797068523644426/ where they co-ordinate locations and transport etc



Social Contacts

There are a couple of active Facebook pages associated with the club.  If memory serves you need to be accepted to get access but that is not a big hassle.  A variety of semi organised runs at different levels, encouragement for summer track athletes, and celebrations of current (and some past) performances all turn up regularly.

  -- https://www.facebook.com/olympicharriers/       Lots of results and chats here!

  -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/olympicmen/

  -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/797068523644426/  This is the Womens (and Mens) group a bit cryptic, but quite active.



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