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Athletics Wellington Cross Country and Road season points results 26 Aug 2017.

AW has released the season points for this year's four interclub events, excluding the relays. These results are updated results from earlier in the week. 

Competitors get 100 points for winning a race, 99 for finishing second, 98 for third etc. Olympic had nine from the women's side of the club who finished in the top three in their grade: 

  • Greta Abbott (1st GU9 with 300 points - 1st in each of the three events she competed in)
  • Jessica Hughes (2nd GU15) 
  • Michaela Walker (1st WU20 with 396 points) 
  • Amelia Harris (3rd WU20) 
  • Nic Hankinson (1st SW with 380 points) 
  • Sarah Riceman (3rd SW) 
  • Deb Platts-Fowler (1st W40 with 399 points - 3 firsts and a second) 
  • Jan Sheppard (2nd W50, in her first year back racing after 10 years)
  • Jean Skilton (3rd W60).

And we also had three men in the top 3:

  • Jack McNair-Robertson (1st BU9 with 300 points - 1st in each of the three events he competed in)
  • Will Anthony (2nd BU15) 
  • Max O'Kane (1st M60 with 396 points).

These are awesome results which reward consistent good effort and participation. Well done!

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