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North Island then Wellington Cross Country Champs 28 Jun 2017.

North Island Cross Country Champs, Taupo, Sat 1 July

Thirty plus athletes and supporters are making the trip north for the North Island Champs this weekend.  Always a good race and there are plenty of other activities to keep people amused up there - not least being the dinner on Saturday night.  This year it will be at Dixie Brown's and with the club's financial support going to accommodation and vans you need to pay for it yourself.

For those staying in town for the Rugby, meet at the clubrooms at the usual time of 1:45 for a home based run.


Wellington Cross Country Champs (kids and adults) -  Sunday 9 July

Helpers needed - sign up at  With many away in Taupo help the organisers by getting you offers of help in early!  There is likely to be some set up on the Saturday too.

We're now a week and a bit out from the BIGGEST event the club organises -- it covers all ages from the kids to the 60+.  Basically the kids races are in the morning, starting with Year 0's at 10:20 up to the under 15's at 12:30.  In the afternoon the adult grades get going with the 5km short course champs at 12:50 thru to the main event at 2:15.  All the details are on the Athletics Wellington site 


The formats for the team competitions have been decided.  In the long course the first 6 men home from a club in the senior grade will count, first 4 for the masters men, and first 3 for all women.  In the shorter race, and the junior race the first 3 in all categories will count.


Club Champs at Boom Rock this year

On 22 July we will return to the scene of the Grand Memorial to battle for honours with your clubmates.  For those that have been around for a while this will be a familiar setting as it was where the club champs used to be in years gone by.


Athletic New Zealand Road Relays are coming

30th September is not as far away as you might think, and really Rotorua isn't that far either.  Keep it in mind!


Club Subscriptions

Most people are already signed up and good to go, but there are a few stragglers.  Remember that both youth and adult runners need to be members to get into any regional rep teams.  Sign up on the web page    


Next Runs

01 July: North Island Cross country, Taupo

09 July: Wellington Champs - all hands needed on deck from Olympic

Sundays  8:00'ish A group of keen runners go for a longer run, usually around 5 min/km pace.   
Watch where they co-ordinate locations and transport etc

Social Contacts

  • There are a couple of active Facebook pages associated with the club.  If memory serves you need to be accepted to get access but that is not a big hassle.  A variety of semi organised runs at different levels, encouragement for summer track athletes, and celebrations of current (and some past) performances all turn up regularly.

  --       Lots of results and chats here!


  --  This is the Womens (and Mens) group a bit cryptic, but quite active.

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