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Saturday, 5 Sep 2020, 13:45 to 17:00: Pack Run and Walk, Johnsonville Bowling Club, 34 Frankmoore Avenue ×
Updated 4 Sep 2020.

Club run / walk from our temporary clubrooms at Johnsonville Bowling Club with packs for all ages and abilities. The bar will be open afterwards for those in need of a drink.

Thinking of joining? Come along!



Sunday, 6 Sep 2020: Wellington Cross Country Champs (tentative new date), Harcourt Park ×


The course will be based on a 2km lap, which will be similar to the lap used for the 2019 NZ Cross Country Champs. The lap has a mixture of flat and undulating cross country running, and is suitable for spikes. It is likely that the course will be firm underfoot, unless there is heavy rain in the hours prior to the event in which case parts will get muddy and slippery. Each lap crosses a tarsealed road twice.

Beware: the Park is open to the public, so beware of the potential for spectators, members of the public and dogs to venture onto the course while you are competing.

Corners of the course will be marked with electrical tape. Competitors are to run around the outside of the tape – no cutting corners!


  • Wellington championship grades are: U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U20, Senior, Masters 35, 50, 60 and 70.
  • Championship distance for SW, SM, MW35, MM35 and MM50 is 10km.
  • Championship distance for MW50, MW60, MM60, MW70 and MM70 is 5km.
  • For all grades except Masters, ages are at 31st December 2020. For Masters’ grades, ages are age on the day.


The event is open to any athlete registered in the Athletes NZ ClubNet database as “Active and Financial” as at 11.59pm on Friday 14 August 2020.

However, only “Competitive” members of an Athletics Wellington club will eligible for championship medals and to count in teams’ races.

“Social” members can compete in a “Recreation” category. However they must notify Todd Stevens (todd.stevens@pwc.com) and pay an additional $10 entry fee direct to Athletics Wellington by 14 August (deposit into 031-540-0009238-00).

Competitive athletes from other centres are welcome. They are to email their entry to Daryl Bloomfield (daryl@fedude.co.nz) by 14 August and pay their $12 entry fee direct to Athletics Wellington (deposit into 031-540-0009238-00).


Olympic Harriers will pay the entry fees of club members. Except social members.


Any competitor who want to compete out of grade must notify Daryl Bloomfield (daryl@fedude.co.nz) by Friday 14 August 2020.


All competitors must wear their official club uniform and have a race number written on their hand. 

Prior to the race, competitors must report to the registration desk (located in the Soundshell) where a race number will be written onto their hand. After crossing the finish line, competitors must stay in the order they finished until their race number is recorded.


There are team races for each championship grade, except Seniors where the team race will be Open (first 6 from each club in the 10km race to count for the Men, who will compete for the White & Mackay Shield, and first 4 from each club in the 10km race to count for the Women). Counting Individuals for teams: First six from each club to count for Open Men and four for all other grades.


Athletics Wellington championship medals are awarded for the first three registered Wellington athletes in each grade. These medals will be presented at the Soundshell as soon as possible after each race.


  • 11.00am
    • 5km: Women Under 18
    • 5km: Masters Men 60
    • 5km: Masters Men 70
    • 5km: Masters Women 50
    • 5km: Masters Women 60
    • 5km: Masters Women 70
    • 5km: All other adult grades (non-championship)
  • 11.45am
    • 4km: Boys Under 16
    • 4km: Girls Under 16
  • 12.10pm
    • 6km: Men Under 18
    • 6km: Women Under 20
    • 8km: Men Under 20
  • 12.50pm
    • 1km: Boys Under 10
    • 1km: Girls Under 10
  • 1.00pm
    • 2km: Boys Under 12
    • 2km: Girls Under 12
    • 2km: Boys Under 14
    • 2km: Girls Under 14
  • 1.20pm
    • 10km: Senior Women
    • 10km: Senior Men
    • 10km: Masters Men 35
    • 10km: Masters Men 50
    • 10km: Masters Women 35
    • 10km: All other adult grades (non-championship)

The 1km loop will be the first half of the 2km lap. The 5km race will do a 1km loop followed by 2 x 2km laps.


Race Director:
Todd Stevens
Email: todd.stevens@pwc.com

Entries, timing and results
Daryl Bloomfield
Email: daryl@fedude.co.nz

Further details







Saturday, 12 Sep 2020, 13:45 to 16:00: Philp Shield (club event), Johnsonville Bowling Club, 34 Frankmoore Avenue ×
Updated 12 Sep 2020.

Club teams road race, various distances up to 5km. Teams are made up of all ages (juniors through to masters), with runners and walkers.

Time: 1:45 (at the clubrooms) for selection of teams.

Course: Alex Moore Park track.

Please bring a plate for afternoon tea afterwards.

Race rules...

1. Intro/summary:

The Philp Shield is a team event where participants compete in teams for the overall prize - the Philp Shield. Competitors compete in different 'subraces' of varying distances, against competitors from

the other teams in that subrace. The overall team score is an aggregate of the scores of the individuals. The event is based on a circuit of about 1.6km, so that 2 laps are 3.3km and 3 laps 5km.

2. Subraces:

The event consists of 'subraces' where a subrace has a distance and category (e.g. run/walk/child run). For example: 1 lap walk, half lap child, 1 lap run, 2 laps run, 3 laps run. The Race Organiser
determines the subraces on the day, depending on who is registered to compete. The event should have at least one 1-lap run subrace, one 2-lap run subrace and a 3-lap run subrace.


3. Registration:

Participants should register their activity (run or walk) when they sign up for the event. The Race Organiser may need to change these, in advance and with the competitor's agreement, to make the teams work.

4. Teams:
The Race Organiser determines the subraces that the event includes, and the number of competitors from each team that should do each subrace (e.g. 1 person doing 1 lap walk, 2 people doing 1 lap run, 2 people doing 2 laps run, 1 person doing 3 laps run). The Race Organiser splits participants into teams with the appropriate number in each (e.g. 6 members). Each team will nominate which team members do which subraces, so that each member is doing the activity they signed up for, and the number doing each distance is correct as specified by the organiser.

If the number of competitors doesn't fit evenly into the teams then an additional team member may be added to some teams


5. Scoring:

Each finisher will earn points for their team, equal to their finishing position in the subrace in which they are competing. The team's points is the sum of its members points. If there is an extra member in the team then the placegetter receives a score but that score does not count in the team total. The winning team is the one with the lowest score. In the case of a tie, a count-back is to be
used, based on the lowest best place in the team (and if they were also the same, the lowest second place, etc).--










Saturday, 19 Sep 2020, 10:30 to 16:00: Wellington Road Running Championships, Wainuiomata ×
Updated 18 Sep 2020.

The event details have been updated with restrictions due to Government Covid19 alert level 2.

The Athletics Wellington Road Championships on 19 September 2020 will be held while the region is under the Government’s Alert Level 2 restrictions.

The following operating procedures for the Championships have been prepared in accordance with Government rules around open air mass participation events together with guidance from Ministry of Health and Sport NZ publications.

The procedures are set out under 3 sections:

  1. Contact tracing: So we have an accurate list of who is at the Championships, should contact tracing subsequently be required, all athletes must enter online with their contact details and sign in when entering the course.
  2. 4 separate races: In order to limit gathering numbers to 100, the Championships will be divided up into 4 races:
    • 10.30am 10km (for 40min+ runners)
    • 12.30pm 5km (W50+, M60+, U20, U18, U16)
    • 1.45pm 2.5km (U14, U12, U10)
    • 2.45pm 10km (for sub 40min runners)
  3. Personal responsibility

Contact Tracing

  • All athletes must enter online by Thursday evening, via the following link: https://www.webscorer.com/register?pid=1&raceid=221556
  • Registration will allow us:
    • to capture contact details should Covid19 contact tracing subsequently be required
    • to provide contact details to the Ministry of Health if required
    • to classify athletes into the correct grade for results purposes
    • to ensure gathering numbers don’t exceed 100
  • No entries will be taken on the day at the event
  • If you enter, then subsequently decide not to attend, please notify: daryl@fedude.co.nz
  • Entry priority will be given to members of Athletics Wellington clubs. If you are from a club outside of Wellington and wish to race, please contact Daryl (daryl@fedude.co.nz)
  • All athletes and officials must report to the Registration Desk to confirm their attendance:
    • the Desk will be located at the (only) entrance to the designated course area.
    • The course area starts by the road gate at the end of the carpark. Portaloos willalso be located here
    • the Desk will open 45min prior to the start of each race
    • athletes will have a race number written on their hand
    • a Covid19 QR tracer code will be available for scanning
    • hand sanitiser will be available

4 separate races

  • Each of the 4 races will be treated as a separate event, with the number of athletes and officials limited to 100
  • Athletes are NOT to enter the course (beyond the registration desk) more than 30min before the start time of their race. This will avoid co-mingling of different races.
  • On completion of the race, race numbers will be recorded and then athletes are to exit the course
  • Warm ups / warm downs are to be done on the road from the carpark back towards Wainui, ie outside of the designated course area. (But the course can be used for warm ups within 30min of start time).
  • The carpark is not part of the designated course area, but you are still requested not to mingle in the carpark area with athletes who are in a different race from you
  • The split of the 10km race between sub 40min and over 40min pace is only a guide; athletes can choose which race they want to do according to their start time preference
  • Results from the two 10km races will be combined into one set of championship results
  • Note the championship distances for junior grades are as listed above, and in most cases do differ from the distance if the championships were being held at Level 1.
  • There will be no prizegiving, but championship medals will be posted out afterwards 
  • The course is closed to spectators / coaches / supporters. Athletes and officials only please.

Personal responsibility

We are fortunate that we are able to race, but it does rely on everyone playing their part and “doing the right thing”, so everyone stays safe and healthy. Therefore please exercise common sense and good personal hygiene:

  • If you, or someone you are in close contact with, have symptoms of cold or flu, are unwell or who are waiting on test results for Covid19 please do not attend the event
  • Regularly wash / sanitise hands
  • Don’t enter the designated course area more than 30min before your start time
  • Practical physical distancing before and after the race
  • Exit the course promptly after your race
  • Don’t mingle in the carpark area with athletes who are in a different race from you
  • Don’t gather on the start line until called to the line by the starter
  • Stick to the course, ie run in right hand lane (the course will have minimal cones and referees)
  • No shaking hands / hugs / spitting / nose clearing
  • No spectators / coaches / supporters.

For more details, contact:

Todd Stevens Athletics Wellington XC&R Chair todd.stevens@pwc.com 021781238
Daryl Bloomfield Entries / Results daryl@fedude.co.nz
Alan Carman Race Director alan.carman@wgc.school.nz

Further details








Saturday, 26 Sep 2020, 08:00 to 12:00: Athletics NZ Marathon Champs - Rotorua Marathon, Rotorua ×
Updated 2 Jun 2020.
Saturday, 26 Sep 2020, 13:45 to 16:00: Trinity Run - social run with Scottish and WHAC and kids' road race, WHAC Clubrooms, Mt Victoria ×
Updated 25 Sep 2020.

Come along and enjoy hanging out with a larger group of runners in a relaxed social atmostphere.

Bring a plate to share.

WHAC are hosting a kids road race from the wind needle northbound during the adults pack runs. So please encourage your kids to come along!

  • Under 10s to do 1200m (600 out and back)
  • Under 12s to do 1800m (900 out and back)
  • Under 14s to do 2400m (1200 out and back)

They are also inviting others clubs and non registered members to join in.