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Saturday, 6 Jul 2019, 09:45 to 15:00: North Island Cross Country Championships (interclub event), Spa Park, Taupo ×
Updated 20 Jun 2019.

Annual club mid-winter trip.

Races on Saturday, club dinner Saturday night, Sunday morning group runs. Not to be missed!

Registered & non Registered runners and walkers all welcome. A great family weekend event. The club has applied for grants to keep the costs down.

Register for the race, accommodation and the dinner: https://eventdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=main&EventDesqID=32829&OrgID=10499


2018 race info (will be updated once 2019 info is available)

9:45am: Girls 10 and under (1km)
9:55am: Boys 10 and under (1km)
10:05am: Girls 12 and under (2km)
10:15am: Boys 12 and under (2km)
10:30am: Girls 14 and under (3km)
10:45am: Boys 14 and under (3km)
11:00am: Masters Men 35-49 (6km - 2 x 3km laps)
11:20am: Masters Women 35+ (5km - 3km lap + 2km lap)
11:45am: Masters Men 50+ (6km - 2 x 3km laps)
12:15pm: Women under 20, women under 18 (4km - 2 x 2km laps)
12:30pm: Men under 20, men under 18 (5km - 3km lap + 2km lap)
12:45pm: Senior Women (5km - 3km lap + 2km lap)
1:20pm: Senior Men (9km - 3 x 3km laps)

Trip details 2018


Olympic has booked some accommodation at the Camellia Court Motel, 50 Tonga St which is not far from Spa Park.  There is a range of units from couples to families and groups of singles.  If you have any queries regarding the accommodation at the Camellia Court please email Brian Rusbridge at brusbrid@xtra.co.nz.


In terms of transport, there is a option of going up in vans organised by the club. Contact Brian.


The club dinner is on Saturday night at Dixie Browns. Please indicate your interest on when registering. This is self-funded, so all family and supporters are welcome to attend.

To go to the NIXC, please register here.

On this registration form as well as collecting information for your entry we also need to know if you wish to take up the following:

  • Team accommodation 
  • Team Travel by van 
  • The Club Dinner
  • If you are wanting to include your supporters in these, we need to know that too

Please note also that if you wish to be considered for selection in the Wellington team you must also complete the EOI form by the 9th June.

Further details

Saturday, 6 Jul 2019, 10:00 to 12:00: Trentham 10km Walking Race 2, General Motors Course, Trentham ×
Updated 12 May 2019.

Trentham 10km Race 2
A fully judged 5km and 10km races over the General Motors course at Trentham, including a B category.

Entry fee $10

All judged races will have a B Division for walkers that do not have a legitimate race walking technique. The Race Walking Judges will scrutinize walkers in the B Division race, to ensure that although they do not straighten their knees there is no loss of contact, and to make sure walkers are not running or “creeping” and gaining an advantage. If they are judged to be gaining an advantage the judges will issue cautions and red cards as in the A Division and the race organisers may decline to include them in the race results.








Saturday, 13 Jul 2019, 13:45 to 17:00: Club run / walk - from the clubrooms, Olympic Harriers Clubrooms, Alex Moore Park ×

Club run / walk from the clubrooms with packs for all ages and abilities.

Thinking of joining? Come along!

All ages, all abilities, all motivations. Join us!








Saturday, 20 Jul 2019, 12:30 to 16:00: Wellington Cross Country Champs (interclub event), Grenada North Park ×
Updated 19 Jul 2019.

Olympic are hosting this event, so we ask that all club members assist with setting out the course, marshalling, or support duties as their race times permit. 



A mixture of flat and undulating cross country course with climbs and jumps.  This course is suitable for spikes.  

We have a new course for 2019 - full details here



  • Wellington championship grades are:  U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, U20, Senior, Masters 35, 50, 60 and 70.

  • Championship distance for SW, SM, MW35, MM35 and MM50 is 10km.

  • Championship distance for MW50, MW60, MM60, MW70 and MM70 is 5km.

  • For all grades except Masters, ages are at 31st December 2019. For Masters’ grades, ages are age on the day.



All competitors must wear their official Athletics Wellington winter race bib. 



For the Wellington Cross Country Champs, any athletes who want to compete out of grade are to notify Daryl Bloomfield (daryl@fedude.co.nz) by Thursday 18 July 5:00pm.


There are team races for each championship grade, except Seniors where the team race will be Open (first 6 from each club in the 10km race to count for the Men, who will compete for the White & Mackay Shield, and first 4 from each club in the 10km race to count for the Women).

Counting Individuals for teams:  First six from each club to count for Open Men and four for all other grades.



Athletes from other centres are welcome at this event. Entries for athletes from other centres are to be emailed to Daryl Bloomfield (daryl@fedude.co.nz) by Thursday 18 July 5:00pm. Payment for entry is on the day to Olympic Harrier Club, and a competition bib will be issued. Athletes from outside Wellington are not eligible for championship medals.



Athletics Wellington championship medals are awarded for the first three registered Wellington athletes in each grade. 



Please be patient if your race start time is delayed. The grounds are being used by football until 1130, so we will only have a short window to set the parts of the course that run around or past the football pitches.


  • 5km (3 x 1.6km) WU18, MW50, MW60, MM60, MW70, MM70, all other grades non-championship


  • 4km (1 x 1km, 2 x 1.6km) Boys and Girls Under 16s


  • 6km (4 x 1.6km) MU18 (6km), WU20
  • 8km (5 x 1.5km) MU20


  • 1km (1 x 1km loop) Boys and Girls Under 10


  • 2km (2 x 1km) Boys and Girls Under 12, Boys and Girls under 14


  • 10km (6 x 1.6km) SW, SM, MW35, MM35, MM50, all other grades non-championship

Further details








Saturday, 27 Jul 2019, 13:00 to 16:00: Olympic Harriers Club cross country champs, Pony Club, Boom Rock Road, Ohariu Valley ×
Updated 28 Jul 2019.

Club cross country champs. Races for all ages from juniors through to masters.

We are returning to where club champs were held back in the day.  The course will be different from the Grand Memorial, based around 1.8 km loops that will include a bit of a hill and fewer streams. The kids run a reduced 1km lap as we take the hill out for them. There is a trophy in each age group for both the winner and handicap winner, plus second and third get recorded with certificates - so it's all on! 

Please bring a plate for the afternoon tea at the clubrooms after the races. 

Be aware there may be no parking at the Pony Club paddocks due to wet ground, so parking will probably beon the road - take care as it is narrow in places. 

Start times and grades

1:30 pm

  • Boys and girls, U13 U11: 2km (2 x 1km lap)

1:45 pm

  • Boys and girls, U19, U17 and U15: 3.6km (2 x 1.8km lap)
  • Walkers, all grades (2 x 1.8km lap)
    • Note that Race 3 will still start on time if the walkers are still out on the course

2:10 pm

  • Boys and girls U9: 1km (2 x 500m lap)
  • Boys and Girls U7: 500m (1 x 500m lap)

2:20 pm

  • Senior Men: 7.2km (4 x 1.8km lap)
  • Senior Women, Masters Men 35,50,60: 5.5km (3 x 1.8km lap)
  • Masters Women 35,50,60:: 5.5km (3 x 1.8km lap)

Sunday, 28 Jul 2019, 10:30 to 12:00: Masters 8km Road Race, Olympic Harriers clubrooms ×
Updated 21 Jul 2019.

Road race and walk for registered masters athletes

Takes place entirely on footpaths around a 1.6km circuit, with no road crossings. Runners complete five laps for 8km and walkers complete four for 6.4km.

  • Road Race: 5 laps = 8 km – Start 11.00 am 
  • Race Walk: 4 laps = 6.4 km – Start 10.45 am

Start and finish: Is in Kipling Street.  The roads are NOT closed to traffic.

A light lunch will be provided.


  • Prizes will be awarded to the first place runner in each age group plus additional prizes where warranted. 
  • Prizes for first man and women in race walk plus additional prizes where warranted.
  • Prizes for the first 2 Club teams  (1 running team and 1 walking team)  


  • Running – Four to a team with at least one woman. 
  • Walking – Three to a team with at least one woman. 
  • A number of Spot Prizes will be drawn on the day.


  • Entry Fee for members of Masters and ANZ Clubs: $15.00 Non-members: $20.00
  • No late entry fee payable.
  • Entries can be made on day.
  • Pre-Masters are welcome.
  • Make cheque payable to Wellington Masters Athletics Inc. or Direct Credit to: Wellington Masters Athletics Inc., ANZ Bank, The Terrace: 06 0565 0064415 00
  • Entry form also available on the Masters website at www.wellingtonmastersathletics.org.nz

Further details