Olympic Harriers news, results and what's on https://www.olympicharriers.nz The latest news, results and what's on (c) 2020, Olympic Harriers Inc. All rights reserved. Tue, 28 Jan 2020 07:43:27 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) News: John Cope's coaching sessions suspended until Term 1 2020 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=639 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=639 John Copeand#39;s Monday and Wednesday coachingandnbsp;sessions have been suspen... Sun, 24 Nov 2019 20:37:36 +1300 website@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) News: Entries about to close for Regional League Meet round 2 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=638 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=638 Round two of the Regional League Meets is this Saturdayandnbsp; (9 Nov) inandnbs... Wed, 06 Nov 2019 16:28:13 +1300 website@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) News: Olympic members at the College Sportspersons of the year awards https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=637 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=637 The following members were nominated for awards in the athletics category at the... Mon, 04 Nov 2019 21:53:57 +1300 website@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) News: Toby Gualter completes winter trifecta https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=636 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=636 Toby won the MU20 road running champs title in Auckland today, completing the wi... Sun, 15 Sep 2019 21:38:26 +1200 website@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) News: Registrations open for Children's Athletics 2019/20 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=635 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/news/?eid=635 We are now taking registrations for Childrenand#39;s Athletics for the 2019/20 s... Thu, 05 Sep 2019 08:16:08 +1200 website@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: Cooks Classic + NZ 3000m Junior Championships https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1393 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1393 From Athletics NZ Weekly Roundup: The men under 20 national 3000m championshi... Sat, 25 Jan 2020 14:58:54 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: The Ian Priest Memorial Hutt River Trail Events https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1392 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1392 Ele Brown ran the 10km event (4th place, 1:09:21). Sat, 25 Jan 2020 11:12:10 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: North Island Masters Athletics Championships https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1391 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1391 Held over 29 Nov to 2 Dec.andnbsp; Sat, 25 Jan 2020 11:04:24 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: Scottish Night of Miles https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1390 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1390 Club results below. Toby Gualter and Will Anthony ran the fastest times of the n... Sat, 25 Jan 2020 10:48:47 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: Pelorus Trust Run and Walk https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1389 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1389 Club results below. We also had a number of pacers - results not recorded. Sat, 25 Jan 2020 10:38:04 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: Regional League Meet - round 3 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1388 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1388 Sat, 25 Jan 2020 10:18:00 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: Track and Field Grand Prix 2 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1387 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1387 Sat, 25 Jan 2020 10:05:31 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: Remutaka Rail Trail Run and Walk https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1386 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1386 Race 1 - 21km (to the Summit via Back Road, and back via the main trail) Race 2... Sun, 10 Nov 2019 14:27:06 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: Mini meet and 10,000m https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1385 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1385 Sun, 10 Nov 2019 13:53:07 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers) Result: Regional League Meet - round 2 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1384 https://www.olympicharriers.nz/results/event.php?eid=1384 Unofficial club results: Sun, 10 Nov 2019 13:40:25 +1300 webmaster@olympicharriers.org.nz (Olympic Harriers)