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Scottish Night of Miles, Newtown Park, Wellington Saturday, 23 December 2006

Lots of Olympic Athletes running this evening, good fun event great atmosphere. Topped of with a sub 4 minute mile by Gareth Hyett (3:59:46). The glamour event the 4 x 400m relay was the other highlight with 2 olympic teams winnning their respective grades (Olympic A, 1st Mixed team; Olympic B, 1st Senior Team).

Olympic Results:
  • 200 metres Heat 6
    Abigail Dorrington, 4th 34.72
  • 60m Heat 1
    George Dorrington, 1st 12.44
  • 400m Heat 4
    Abigail Dorrington, 5th 1.20.73
  • All Comers Mile
    Rob McCrudden, 11th 5.12.70
    Sean McCrudden, 18th 5.20.48
    Robbie Robinson, 33rd 5.47.68
    Martin McCrudden, 39th 6.20.46
    Peter Hanson, 40th 6.59.03
  • 4 x 400m Relay
    Olympic A (Ged Brent, Chris Speakman, Rob McCrudden, Elaine Brent), 2nd 4.12.85
    Olympic B, 3rd 4.23.34
  • Spiral Race
    Craig Walker, 9th 20.44.30
  • Open Mile
    Brendon Blacklaws, 5th 4.20.62
    Matt Singleton, 10th 4.35.85