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Scottish Night of Miles, Newtown Park Saturday, 16 December 2023

Track and field Wellington inter-club event

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Name Place Event Time
Darcy Mellsop 2nd Men's Mile C 05:27.21
Lachlan Maclean 9th Men's Mile B 05:16.52
Juliet Moorhead 1st Women's Mile B 05:35.84
Michelle Van Looy 10th Women's Mile B 06:36.79
Maia Holden 3rd Women's Mile A 05:31.56
Greta Woolloff 11th Women's Mile A 06:08.01
Logan Hopfler 5th Men's Mile A 04:34.15
Desmond Reddy 8th Men's Mile A 04:36.62
Connor Kemp 9th Men's Mile A 04:40.67
Ryan Mackay 14th Men's Mile A 04:53.10
Olympic 'C' 2nd Mixed 4x402.25m relay 04:05.07
Olympic 'B' 3rd Mixed 4x402.25m relay 04:16.19
Olympic 'A' 5th Mixed 4x402.25m relay 04:34.35