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New Zealand Cross Country Championships, Spa Park, Taupo Saturday, 29 July 2023
Updated 1 Aug 2023.

Harriers National event

This year's course was a repeat of last year - based on the NIXC course but full national distances. 

Well done to Kate McHardy, the New Zealand champion for 2023 in the WU20 grade.

A number of club members also won team medals: Max (Wellington, 3rd MU20), Kate and Amy (Wellington, 1st WU18), Craig (Wellington, 2nd M50), Michelle (Welllington, 1st W50). Team results

Olympic results below. 


Official results

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up arrowPlace Name Club/Team Grade/Division Time
1 Kate McHardy Wellington Women Under 18 00:18:31
7 Amy McHardy Wellington Women Under 18 00:19:20
7 Michelle Van Looy Wellington Masters Women 50+ 00:27:44
9 Craig Holden Wellington Masters Men 50+ 00:31:33
11 Jan Shepherd Wellington Masters Women 50+ 00:30:00
13 Max Doherty Wellington Men Under 20 00:27:18
14 Connor Kemp Wellington Men Under 18 00:20:48
17 Darren Gordon Wellington Masters Men 50+ 00:32:31
17 Lucy Jurke Wellington Women Under 20 00:25:37
28 Jacob Kilmister Wellington Men Under 20 00:30:59