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Event results

Holdsworth-Jumbo Mountain Race, Holdsworth Lodge Saturday, 30 January 2021

Three races: the short Hooper Loop, the Holdsworth-Jumbo Loop (clockwise), and the Jumbo-Holdsworth Loop (anticlockwise). The results for the two longer races are included together. 


Official results

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Place Name Time Grade place
2 Lucy Jurke 1:09:38 2nd Hooper Loop OW
4 Martin McCrudden 2:38:58 H-J, 4th OM overall
6 Simon Angus 2:41:55 J-H, 6th OM overall
7 Tracy Berghan 4:17:27 H-J, 7th VW overall
15 Adrian Jurke 3:15:25 H-J, 15th VM overall
67 Rob McCrudden 5:09:45 H-J, 67th VM overall

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