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Event results

Scottish Night of Miles, Newtown Park Saturday, 20 December 2014
Updated 10 Jan 2015.

Track and field Wellington inter-club event

Olympic results:

Marama Butler, 3rd W 100m (14.24s), 1st WU16 200m (27.94s), 2nd WU16 400m (1:04.30);
Islam Khaled, 2nd M 100m (11.10s), 2nd MU16 200m (24.06s);
Sarah Hay, 4th WU16 800m (2:49.48);
George Harrington, 3rd MU16 800m (2:26.83), 6th JM mile (5:47.41);
Jayden Gilchrist, 4th MU16 800m (2:30.34), 5th JM mile (5:46.34);
Will Anthony, 6= MU16 800m (2:34.30), 4th JM mile (5:42.31);
Kevin Pugh, 8th All comers mixed mile (5:09.99);
Jess Jenkins, 21st All comers mixed mile (5:45.13);
Michelle Van Looy, 22nd All comers mixed mile (5:45.63), 4th spiral race (16:09.29);
Becs Jenkins, 25th All comers mixed mile (6:03.85);
Alisha Gilchrist, 3rd Women's mile (5:19.69);
Amelia Harris, 6th Women's mile (5:29.81);
Lokyee Szeto, 7th Women's mile (5:31.43);
Hector Famer, 4th elite men's mile (4:28.50);
Elroy Lederman, 10th elite men's mile (4:45.23).