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Masters Road Race, Johnsonville Sunday, 14 July 2013

Harriers Wellington inter-club event

The cold, windy, wet and miserable conditions kept a lot of those who usually support this Masters event away. Nevertheless, 22 hardy souls fronted up for the event thank you. This year 20 runners and only 2 walkers took part. As fastest male walker over the hilly 6.4km (four-lap) course Murray Gowans (Scottish) has this honour and Daphne Jones (Scottish) for the women.

Fastest male runner over the 8km, five-lap course was Michael Wray (Scottish), chased home by Steve Plowman (Scottish). The first two women's places were held by Michelle van Looy (Olympic) and Jo Badham (Scottish).

In the teams event (run) Scottish was the first team with Olympic second.

A special thanks to Brian Watson for organising this event (for the 29th year) and for the marshals and timekeeper who had to brave the chilly conditions standing out at the finish your support is appreciated.

It was great to see two members from Levin Harriers come down and compete this year. We hope to see them back again next year.

The Jim Lockhart and Mariette Hewitson Baton for the time closest to an age group record was awarded to Michelle van Looy.


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Place Name Club/Team Time Grade Grade place
1 Michael Wray Scottish 0:31:36 M45 1
2 Steve Plowman Scottish 0:35:18 M55 1
3 Michelle van Looy Olympic 0:35:35 W40 1
4 Bill Twiss Scottish 0:35:51 M45 2
5 David Hood Trentham 0:36:05 M50 1
6 John Gallagher Scottish 0:38:04 M60 1
7 Jonathan Harper Scottish 0:38:25 M65 1
8 Jo Badham Scottish 0:39:31 W35 1
9 David Luxton No club 0:39:41 M65 1
10 Tineke Hooft Olympic 0:39:45 W50 1
11 Matthew Squire Levin 0:44:31 M45 3
12 John Palmer Scottish 0:45:09 M65 2
13 Albert Van Veen HVH 0:47:27 M65 3
14 Maryanne Palmer Scottish 0:47:28 W60 1
15 Sharon Wray Scottish 0:48:04 W45 1
16 Annie van Herck Olympic 0:49:12 W60 2
17 Ray Wallis Aurora 0:49:49 M70 1
18 Brian Watson Olympic 0:51:49 M70 2
19 Robert Slade Levin 0:54:16 M70 3
20 Peter Hanson Olympic 0:58:17 M75 1


Place Name Club/Team Time Grade Grade place
1 Daphne Jones Scottish 0:53:08 W70 1
2 Murray Gowans Scottish 0:55:47 M65 1

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