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Wellington team for North Island Cross Country 18 Jun 2021.

Athletics Wellington has named the following team to represent Wellington at the NIXC champs next month. Congratulations to all of you and particularly the seven Olympic members!

Senior Men
Max Karamanolis (W), Liam Lamb (AW), Isaac Murphy (W).             
Men Under 20
Will Anthony (O), Mason Waterworth (W).
Men Under 18
Jack Hunter (AW), Josh Jordan (T).
Masters Men 35
Geoff Ferry (S), Darren Gordon (H).
Masters Men 50
Peter Stevens (S), Michael Waterman (O), Michael Wray (S).
Senior Women
Amelia Harris (O), Susannah Lynch (O), Ayesha Shafi (S).
Women’s Under 20
Amy Walker (S).
Women’s Under 18
Ruby Barton (W), Anna Bassett (W), Maeghan Casey (W), Lucy Jurke (O),
Eliza Squire (W), Phoebe Squire (W).        
Masters Women 35
Masters Women 50
Jan Sheppard (O), Michelle Van Looy (O), Heather Walker (S).


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