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Sunday, 17 Oct 2021, 08:00 to 17:00: New Zealand Trail Running Championships, Crater Rim, Christchurch

New Zealand Trail Running Championships
Saturday, 16 Oct 2021, 13:30 to 15:00: Bernie Portenski Memorial open handicap race, St Timothy's Presbyterian Church, 16 Te Pene Ave, Titahi Bay

This is an annual handicap race in Titahi Bay and is an occasion to celebrate the end of the Harrier season and to commemorate Bernie Portenski. While Bernie was a staunch Scottish member, she trained with and supported many members from other clubs. The overall winner on handicap will hold the Bernie Portenski Memorial Trophy for a year.

We assemble at St Timothy's Presbyterian Church, 16 Te Pene Ave, Titahi Bay from about 1:30pm. Post-race we return to the church hall for an afternoon tea and prize-giving.

The race starts at 2:05pm on the beach in front of the surf club at Titahi Bay.

The race distance is 9.1km but with the mixed terrain (road, beach, grass) and the hill in the second half.

Also, please bring a plate to contribute to the afternoon tea.

Sunday, 10 Oct 2021, 07:00 to 13:00: Wairarapa Country Marathon, Makoura College, Masterton

Marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km run and walk.

Further details

Saturday, 9 Oct 2021, 13:45 to 16:00: Club run/walk, Clubrooms
Updated 9 Apr 2021.

Club run / walk from the clubrooms with packs for all ages and abilities.

Thinking of joining? Come along!

All ages, all abilities, all motivations. Join us!

Meet at 1:45, ready for a 2pm departure.

Saturday, 2 Oct 2021, 08:00 to 17:00: New Zealand Road Relay Championships, Takahe to Akaroa, Christchurch

The climax of the winter season and the highlight of the year. 

Club accommodation has been booked; book your flights now and talk to your grade captain/manager or coach about teams.  

Saturday, 25 Sep 2021, 13:30 to 15:00: Perston Baton Relay (club event), Karori Park

Club Relay & Walk

Our last club race of the winter season, before the season climax - the Road Relay Champs. Our handicapper forms relay teams of all ages and abilities including runners and walkers. Teams have to assign walking and running laps, and even get to choose which order they will do them in.

1pm Volunteers requested to help the Club Captain set up the course

1:30pm Register and get settled in your relay teams

As soon as we are ready after that - Race time!

Further details

Sunday, 19 Sep 2021: Cambridge Half Marathon (NZ Half Marathon Champs), Cambridge

Cambridge Half Marathon (NZ Half Marathon Champs)

Further details

Saturday, 18 Sep 2021, 13:45 to 16:00: Trinity Run - social run with Scottish and WHAC, WHAC clubrooms

This combined run is hosted by Wellington Harriers. 

Come along and enjoy hanging out with a larger group of runners in a relaxed social atmostphere.


Sunday, 12 Sep 2021: Wellington masters 10km road race, Lower Hutt

The race starts just south of the riverside carpark off Daly Street in Lower Hutt and follows the Hutt River stopbanks. From the start, the course goes north for 2.5km to a turnaround and back to the start, proceeding south for 2.5km to another turnaround and back to the start. 5km competitors only complete the north out and back section.

Race HQ at Hutt Valley Marathon Clinic's base at the function centre at the Huia Indoor Swimming Pool.

Further details

Saturday, 11 Sep 2021, 13:45 to 16:00: Club run/walk, Clubrooms
Updated 9 Apr 2021.

Club run / walk from the clubrooms with packs for all ages and abilities.

Thinking of joining? Come along!

All ages, all abilities, all motivations. Join us!

Meet at 1:45, ready for a 2pm departure.

Sunday, 5 Sep 2021, 08:00 to 17:00: New Zealand Road Race Championships, Mystery Creek, Hamilton

Details to come.

Saturday, 4 Sep 2021, 13:45 to 16:00: Philp Shield (club event), Olympic clubrooms

Club teams road race, various distances up to 5km. Teams are made up of all ages (juniors through to masters), with runners and walkers. Different team members run/walk different distances. The team with the lowest sum of finishing places wins. 

Time: 1:45 (at the clubrooms) for selection of teams.

Course: Alex Moore Park track/neighbouring footpaths.

Please bring a plate for afternoon tea afterwards.

Race rules...

1. Intro/summary:

The Philp Shield is a team event where participants compete in teams for the overall prize - the Philp Shield. Competitors compete in different 'subraces' of varying distances, against competitors from the other teams in that subrace. The overall team score is an aggregate of the scores of the individuals. The event is based on a circuit of about 1.6km, so that 2 laps are 3.3km and 3 laps 5km.

2. Subraces:

The event consists of 'subraces' where a subrace has a distance and category (e.g. run/walk/child run). For example: 1 lap walk, half lap child, 1 lap run, 2 laps run, 3 laps run. The Race Organiser
determines the subraces on the day, depending on who is registered to compete. The event should have at least one 1-lap run subrace, one 2-lap run subrace and a 3-lap run subrace.

3. Registration:

Participants should register their activity (run or walk) when they sign up for the event. The Race Organiser may need to change these, in advance and with the competitor's agreement, to make the teams work.

4. Teams:

The Race Organiser determines the subraces that the event includes, and the number of competitors from each team that should do each subrace (e.g. 1 person doing 1 lap walk, 2 people doing 1 lap run, 2 people doing 2 laps run, 1 person doing 3 laps run). The Race Organiser splits participants into teams with the appropriate number in each (e.g. 6 members). Each team will nominate which team members do which subraces, so that each member is doing the activity they signed up for, and the number doing each distance is correct as specified by the organiser.

If the number of competitors doesn't fit evenly into the teams then an additional team member may be added to some teams

5. Scoring:

Each finisher will earn points for their team, equal to their finishing position in the subrace in which they are competing. The team's points is the sum of its members points. If there is an extra member in the team then the placegetter receives a score but that score does not count in the team total. The winning team is the one with the lowest score. In the case of a tie, a count-back is to be
used, based on the lowest best place in the team (and if they were also the same, the lowest second place, etc).--



Saturday, 28 Aug 2021, 13:45 to 16:00: Trinity Run - social run with Scottish and WHAC, Olympic Harriers clubrooms

This combined run is hosted by Olympic. 

Come along and enjoy hanging out with a larger group of runners in a relaxed social atmostphere.


Saturday, 21 Aug 2021, 12:30 to 16:00: Wellington Road Running Champs (interclub event), Reservoir Road (Whitcher Rd, off Moores Valley Rd), Wainuiomata

Athletics Wellington Road Championships, incorporating Olympic Harriers Club Road Championships.

2019 details: (2021 info to come)

The road course is the same as the last two years - based on a 2.5km loop, with a short 1km loop for the young grades. The 10km course is 4 laps with 7 turns. The 5km course is 2 laps with 3 turns.

Parking: There is parking either at the course, down by the clubrooms at Richard Prouse Park or at the end of Hine Road. 

Refreshments: Barbecue, hot drinks, cold drinks, and muffins will be for sale at the tent area by the start/finish line.

Toilet Facilities: There will be 4 portaloos on site. There are also toilets situated next to the clubrooms at Richard Prouse Park.


Age Grades: For all grades, except Masters, ages are at 31st December 2018. For Masters’ grades, ages are age on the day.


  • U20 = will be 18 or 19 at end of this year.
  • U18 = will be 16 or 17 at end of this year.
  • U16 = will be 14 or 15 at end of this year.
  • U14 = will be 12 or 13 at end of this year.
  • U12 = will be 10 or 11 at end of this year.
  • U10 = will be 9 or younger at year end.

Masters grades are MM35-39 (changed from 2017), MW35-49, MM50-59, MW50-59,  MM60-69, MW60-69, MM70+, MW70+.

Championship Events for Masters and Seniors:

  • 10km Championship distance: SW, MW35-49, SM, MM35-49, MM50-59.
  • 5km Championship distance: MW50-59, MW60-69, MW70+, MM60-69 MM70+

Any Senior or Master runner who wishes to enter a distance other than their championship distance must email daryl@fedude.co.nz by Thursday 20 August, 5:00pm. Please send the following details; Name, Club, Race Bib
Number, Grade and Distance you are running, 5km or 10km. If you are a masters runner and wish to run in a “higher” championship grade (eg. a master wishing to enter the senior race, or a W50 wishing to enter the W35
10km race), please also let Daryl know this.

Teams and Medals:

  • Open and Masters championship grades: 6 to count for Open Men. 4 to count for all other grades. Masters can count for both their club’s Masters and Open teams.
  • Junior Grades: 3 to count for all junior age grades, WU20 and WU18 to be combined.
  • Centre medals will be awarded for the first 3 registered Wellington Centre athletes in each grade.
  • Medals will be given out as soon as provisional results become available. Note final results might not be available on the day of the event. Season medals for each championship grade will also be given out as the results become available.

Race times and distances:

  • Race 1: 12:40pm: Junior Men U20 (7.5km - 3 loops of 2.5km); MM60-69 and 70+, MW50-59, 60-69 and 70+, WU20, WU18, men 20-59 non-championship, women 20-49 non-championship (5km - 2 loops of 2.5km)
  • Race 2: 1:20pm : Girls U10, Boys U10 (1km - 1 loop of 1km)
  • Race 3: 1:30pm: Girls U12, Boys U12 (2km - 2 loops of 1km)
  • Race 4: 1:50pm: MU18 (6km - 1 loop of 1km and 2 loops of 2.5km); Girls U16, Boys U16 (3.5km - 1 loop of 1km and 1 loop of 2.5km)
  • Race 5: 2:20pm: Girls U14, Boys U14 (2.5km - 1 loop of 2.5km)
  • Race 6: 2:45pm: SM, SW, MM35-49 , MW35-39, MM50-59, W50+ non-champ, M60+ non-champ (10km - 4 laps of 2.5km)
Saturday, 14 Aug 2021: Needle Road Relay (Wellington Relay Champs) 5 laps / 21km, Evans Bay Marina carpark (Zephyrometer)

2020 details below - 2021 info to come

The Needle Relay replaces the Bays Relay, and takes place around a central hub: the Wind Needle (Zephyromter), situated on the corner of Cobham Drive and Evans Bay Parade.There are two laps: an out-and-back 5km north to Weka Bay; and an out-and-back 3km east past the main airport roundabout.

The Turkey Trot for walkers uses the 5km lap.

New this year is a 4-person Children’s Needle Relay for those aged 10-13. Each runner has the same out-and-back 1.6km lap north to just before Hataitai Beach.

The Needle Relay for Juniors/Seniors/Masters/Composite is a 5-person relay. Laps 1, 3, and 5 use the 5km lap. Laps 2 and 4 use the 3km lap. Total distance 21km.

The Needle Relay is a footpath relay. Runners must not run on, or even step onto, the road. This is a safety issue. It also means that no contracted traffic management is necessary, which results in entry fees for the relay (paid by clubs) being halved.

There is a new relay entry system for 2020. Athletics Wellington is providing batons with RFID chips to handle the timing and recording.

Clubs must submit their team entries via an online portal no later than 11.59pm on Thursday 23 July. THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES.

Submission of detailed team information, names of team members, and the running order is handled by a separate online link which will be provided by email to each team on Friday 24 July.

Covid -19. Spectators may register their presence at the event by scanning the club’s QR code. Athletes are recorded as a member of their club’s team. There are no mandatory public health requirements at alert level 1. Please remain vigilant and continue to practice good hygiene to minimise the risk of community transmission. If alert levels change, we will adopt that level’s requirements.

All inquiries to Race Director Paul Hewitson kiwiquaker@xtra.co.nz, phone 027 324 2465.

Saturday, 7 Aug 2021, 08:00 to 17:00: New Zealand Cross Country Championships, Chisholm Links, Dunedin

Details to come. 

Saturday, 7 Aug 2021, 13:45 to 16:00: Club run/walk, Clubrooms
Updated 9 Apr 2021.

Club run / walk from the clubrooms with packs for all ages and abilities.

Thinking of joining? Come along!

All ages, all abilities, all motivations. Join us!

Meet at 1:45, ready for a 2pm departure.

Saturday, 31 Jul 2021, 13:00 to 16:00: Olympic Harriers Club cross country champs, Onslow Pony Club, Boom Rock Road, Ohariu Valley

Club cross country champs. Races for all ages from juniors through to masters.

We are returning to where club champs were held back in the day.  The course will be different from the Grand Memorial, based around 1.8 km loops that will include a bit of a hill and fewer streams. The kids run a reduced 1km lap as we take the hill out for them. There is a trophy in each age group for both the winner and handicap winner, plus second and third get recorded with certificates - so it's all on! 

Please bring a plate for the afternoon tea at the clubrooms after the races. 

Be aware there may be no parking at the Pony Club paddocks due to wet ground, so parking will probably beon the road - take care as it is narrow in places. 

Start times and grades

1:30 pm

  • Boys and girls, U13 U11: 2km (2 x 1km lap)

1:45 pm

  • Boys and girls, U19, U17 and U15: 3.6km (2 x 1.8km lap)
  • Walkers, all grades (2 x 1.8km lap)
    • Note that Race 3 will still start on time if the walkers are still out on the course

2:10 pm

  • Boys and girls U9: 1km (2 x 500m lap)
  • Boys and Girls U7: 500m (1 x 500m lap)

2:20 pm

  • Senior Men: 7.2km (4 x 1.8km lap)
  • Senior Women, Masters Men 35,50,60: 5.5km (3 x 1.8km lap)
  • Masters Women 35,50,60:: 5.5km (3 x 1.8km lap)
Sunday, 25 Jul 2021, 10:30 to 12:00: Masters 8km Road Race, Olympic Harriers clubrooms

Road race and walk for registered masters athletes

Takes place entirely on footpaths around a 1.6km circuit, with no road crossings. Runners complete five laps for 8km and walkers complete four for 6.4km.

  • Road Race: 5 laps = 8 km – Start 11.00 am 
  • Race Walk: 4 laps = 6.4 km – Start 10.45 am

Start and finish: Is in Kipling Street.  The roads are NOT closed to traffic.

A light lunch will be provided.


  • Prizes will be awarded to the first place runner in each age group plus additional prizes where warranted. 
  • Prizes for first man and women in race walk plus additional prizes where warranted.
  • Prizes for the first 2 Club teams  (1 running team and 1 walking team)  


  • Running – Four to a team with at least one woman. 
  • Walking – Three to a team with at least one woman. 
  • A number of Spot Prizes will be drawn on the day.


  • Entry Fee for members of Masters and ANZ Clubs: $15.00 Non-members: $20.00
  • No late entry fee payable.
  • Entries can be made on day.
  • Pre-Masters are welcome.
  • Make cheque payable to Wellington Masters Athletics Inc. or Direct Credit to: Wellington Masters Athletics Inc., ANZ Bank, The Terrace: 06 0565 0064415 00
  • Entry form also available on the Masters website at www.wellingtonmastersathletics.org.nz

Further details

Saturday, 24 Jul 2021, 13:45 to 16:00: Club run/walk, Clubrooms
Updated 9 Apr 2021.

Club run / walk from the clubrooms with packs for all ages and abilities.

Thinking of joining? Come along!

All ages, all abilities, all motivations. Join us!

Meet at 1:45, ready for a 2pm departure.