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Saturday, 22 Aug 2020, 13:45 to 17:00: Club run, Johnsonville Bowling Club, 34 Frankmoore Avenue

(Was the Trinity run with WHAC and Scottish - now just a club run)

During WW1, Olympic, WHAC, and Scottish all merged to form Trinity Harriers. This social day let's us run together as mates, instead of competitors. 

We will meet at our temporary clubrooms at Johnsonville Bowling Club, and from running and walking packs for all ages and abilities. The bar will be open afterwards for those in need of a drink. 

Meet at 1:45 for a 2pm start. 

Please bring a plate to share (the other clubs will do the same). Also, please park on the road and leave the drive free for bowling club members.

Thinking of joining? Come along!

Covid-19 Alert Level 2

1. Still stay home if you are sick

2. Scan our QR code to help keep track of where you have been

3. Hand sanitiser will be provided if you feel you need to use it

4. Maximum of 100 people; physical distancing required.