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Sunday, 16 Aug 2020: Mukamuka Munter, Catchpool Visitor Centre

Note this isn’t a fully marked route like you would find in an Xterra . Saying that there will be marshals and some tape and the standard doc triangles at key parts but you are expected to do some homework with maps. I strongly suggest downloading Viewranger its a free APP and you can install the topo maps for a few dollars. It works well in the back country as a back up. Don’t rely on technology though you will still need a map and compass. 

The route follows the original Mukamuka Munter race route in the southern Rimutakas, and involves running along the coast, up and down rugged rocky valleys and through some fantastic native bush.  It is an awesome route!

Starting from Orongorongo River mouth, the route heads East following the South Wairarapa coastline for about 12km.  It then turns north up the Mukamuka Stream valley (make sure you take the main valley (not the initial left tributary )

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