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Saturday, 3 Aug 2019, 13:45 to 17:00: Club run / walk - from the clubrooms, Olympic Harriers Clubrooms, Alex Moore Park ×

Club run / walk from the clubrooms with packs for all ages and abilities.

Thinking of joining? Come along!

All ages, all abilities, all motivations. Join us!


Sunday, 4 Aug 2019: NZ Cross Country Champs, Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt ×
NZ Cross Country Champs

Further details







Saturday, 10 Aug 2019, 13:45 to 17:00: Club run / walk - from the clubrooms, Olympic Harriers Clubrooms, Alex Moore Park ×

Club run / walk from the clubrooms with packs for all ages and abilities.

Thinking of joining? Come along!

All ages, all abilities, all motivations. Join us!








Saturday, 17 Aug 2019, 10:30 to 16:00: Bays Relay and Walkers 5km Turkey Trot (interclub events), Island Bay (start), Evans Bay Marina (finish) ×
Updated 24 Jul 2019.

2019 details:

Note the addition of the W50 grade for 2019


  • 10.30am: Walkers - the Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot; 5km (NB first lap of relay course (+224m) only). Report to caravan at start by 10am to enter and to estimate time. 
  • 12.30pm: Women under 20, Senior women, Masters Women (35+), Masters Women (50+), Masters Men 60+ 
  • 1:00pm: Men under 20, senior men, masters men (35+), masters men (50+)
  • 3:30pm: Prizegiving at WHAC clubrooms

Change over points:

Start at Island Bay
(1)     Near the end of the sea wall at Lyall Bay opposite Kingsford Smith Street – 4.776 km
(2)     Just past the bus stop at Eve Bay (before the Pass of Branda) – 4.649 km
(3)     On the concrete path between grass and sand near the changing rooms at Scorching Bay – 4.804 km
(4)     Shelly Bay, by the former gates at the southern end of the old air force base – 3.845 km
Finish at Evans Bay Parade / Cobham Drive intersection – 3.978 km

(Relay distance 22.052 km; lap distances re-measured 2014)   

Safety Rules

(a) Competitors must run on the footpath on the seaward side of the road where it is available, except where directed to run elsewhere by the Race Marshals. If no footpath is available, competitors must run within ONE METRE of the right hand edge of the sealed surface of the roadway. Competitors and supporters must obey the directions of the Race Referee, Race Marshals, and Police Officers at all times. Roads will not be closed, be aware of moving traffic at all times.

(b) UNIFORM Club uniform must be worn. The race number provided for each team is to be worn on the front of the runner’s uniform, and it must be clearly visible and unaltered.

(c) MINIMUM AGE RESTRICTION For safety reasons, ALL competitors MUST be at least 14 years of age on the day of the race.

(d) REPLACEMENT In the event of a runner being unable to complete a lap, that runner may be replaced by another member of the team. However, any team making a substitution during the race will not be eligible to claim any team award or placing. All such substitutions must be notified in writing to the Officials at the Finish of the Lap. Any runner replaced during the event for being unable to complete his / her lap, may not run in a subsequent lap for any team.

(e) INFRINGEMENTS Teams can expect DISQUALIFICATION for a major infringement of the race rules. Teams WILL AUTOMATICALLY receive a TWO MINUTE PENALTY added to the overall team time for an infringement of Race Rule (a) SAFETY. Persistent infringement of Race Rule (a) SAFETY will be deemed a major infringement and result in disqualification. A warning may not be given for infringement of rules.

(f) PROTESTS AND APPEALS IAAF Competition Rules 146 covers protests and appeals. Any protest must be made to the Race Referee within 30 minutes of the finish of the race. Any appeal must be made to the Race Director.

(g) NOTICE TO SPECTATORS The road is very narrow for most of the course. If following the relay in your car, please keep well to the left and do not delay following traffic. Do not stop on bends or other spots likely to cause traffic congestion. You must park well away from all changeover points. Take Care At All Times.

Club uniform (Olympic singlet and black shorts) must be worn.









Saturday, 24 Aug 2019, 09:30 to 12:00: Wellington Road Walking Championships, Twin Lakes Rd, Te Marua, Upper Hutt ×
Updated 6 Aug 2019.

Wellington Road Walking Championships

The Athletics Wellington Race Walking Championships will be held on Saturday 24th August 2019 on a course on the Twin Lakes access road at Te Marua, Upper Hutt. Wellington Scottish Athletics and Trentham United clubs are jointly hosting the meeting. 

The races are Championship, A Grade and non-Championship B Grade races. Only registered financial members of Wellington Centre clubs can be placed in the championships, but visiting walkers may enter the A Grade. Any member of any club or an individual walker may enter as a B Grade competitor and will be allowed to finish. 

The championship A grade races will be fully judged and any disqualified walker will have to stop and leave the course. They cannot convert to become a B grade competitor. There is no Sin Bin operating. 

The championship races will be as follows. Senior men and women and Masters men and women 35 plus are all 10 km. Men and women under 18 are 5 km. Medals are not being presented this year. 

Non-championship B Grade walkers can elect to do 10km or 5km. These will be judged for loss of contact and creeping. 

There will be a 2km race for children. 

Entry to the races

Anyone who wants to compete in the A Grade championship races MUST ENTER by email to john.sharyn@leonard.org.nz by 11.59 pm on Thursday 22nd August. See the information later in this message. 

Entries for all other races can be made on the day at the Registration Desk but NO LATER than 9.00 am. Please bring your own race numbers if you have them. We will have numbers and safety pins available at Registration. 


The entry fees are: Senior and master’s grade championship races $12.50. U18 championship races $8. All B Grade races $10. Children’s 2km race $5. Clubs can be invoiced for your entry fee after the event or you may pay cash on the day. 

Championship competitors MUST compete in their club uniform. B grade competitors may compete in any uniform BUT NO leggings for any walker please. No headphones may be worn during the races. 
Race number bibs must be worn and visible front and back. The A grade championship walkers will have a coloured identifier on their race number bibs. 


  • Thursday 22th August
    • Championship entries close 11.59 pm.
  • Saturday 24th August 2019.
    • 8.45 am the course is open for practice.
    • 8.30 am Registration Desk opens.
    • 9.00 am Registration closes for all races.
    • 9.10 am Walk judges meet and are assigned positions.
    • 9.30 am Start of all races
    • 11.00 am Prize giving on the course with spot prizes drawn. 

The course and facilities

The course is on Twin Lakes Road. Turn off SH2 at the Te Marua Golf Club but continue on twin Lakes road to the course. 

The lap is a one kilometre circuit. It will be coned and the walk judges will also act as umpires to ensure the course is followed. The start/finish line will be near the middle of the course. There will be marshals at each end of the course to control any traffic that will use the centre of the road. 

There are toilets at the north (far) end of the course. If a competitor needs to leave the course to go to the toilet they must do so at the North end turn and return to that place. 

There will be a drink table on the course. Personal well identified drinks may be placed there and used as required. Water in cups will also be available. DO NOT TAKE a drink from anywhere other than this table. Doing so is a disqualification offense. 

Car parking is at the far end of the course near the toilets. Tents can be put up on the grass beside the course. There are first aiders available, ask for help at the Start / Finish line. 

Race rules and how to enter

The races will be conducted under the IAAF rules and the Athletics New Zealand (ANZ) Supplementary rules. By entering competitors agree to be bound by those rules and the directions of the Meeting Manager or Safety Officer. All competitors compete entirely at their own risk, and consent to receiving medical treatment which may be advisable in the event of illness or injuries suffered during or around the event. 

A Grade Championship competitors MUST be registered through their club with ANZ and should email their entry to the John Leonard at john.sharyn@leonard.org.nz Please provide name, race division entered, club, your race number if you have one or advise if you will need a number, and advise whether to invoice your club or you will pay on day. 

We look forward to seeing lots of you on Saturday 24th August at Te Marua.

Please contact John Leonard (027 586 9811) if you need further information.

Saturday, 24 Aug 2019, 12:30 to 16:00: Wellington Road Running Champs (interclub event), Reservoir Road (Whitcher Rd, off Moores Valley Rd), Wainuiomata ×
Updated 24 Jul 2019.

Athletics Wellington Road Championships, incorporating Olympic Harriers Club Road Championships.

2019 details:

The road course is the same as the last two years - based on a 2.5km loop, with a short 1km loop for the young grades. The 10km course is 4 laps with 7 turns. The 5km course is 2 laps with 3 turns.

Parking: There is parking either at the course, down by the clubrooms at Richard Prouse Park or at the end of Hine Road. 

Refreshments: Barbecue, hot drinks, cold drinks, and muffins will be for sale at the tent area by the start/finish line.

Toilet Facilities: There will be 4 portaloos on site. There are also toilets situated next to the clubrooms at Richard Prouse Park.


Age Grades: For all grades, except Masters, ages are at 31st December 2018. For Masters’ grades, ages are age on the day.


  • U20 = will be 18 or 19 at end of this year.
  • U18 = will be 16 or 17 at end of this year.
  • U16 = will be 14 or 15 at end of this year.
  • U14 = will be 12 or 13 at end of this year.
  • U12 = will be 10 or 11 at end of this year.
  • U10 = will be 9 or younger at year end.

Masters grades are MM35-39 (changed from 2017), MW35-49, MM50-59, MW50-59,  MM60-69, MW60-69, MM70+, MW70+.

Championship Events for Masters and Seniors:

  • 10km Championship distance: SW, MW35-49, SM, MM35-49, MM50-59.
  • 5km Championship distance: MW50-59, MW60-69, MW70+, MM60-69 MM70+

Any Senior or Master runner who wishes to enter a distance other than their championship distance must email daryl@fedude.co.nz by Thursday 20 August, 5:00pm. Please send the following details; Name, Club, Race Bib
Number, Grade and Distance you are running, 5km or 10km. If you are a masters runner and wish to run in a “higher” championship grade (eg. a master wishing to enter the senior race, or a W50 wishing to enter the W35
10km race), please also let Daryl know this.

Teams and Medals:

  • Open and Masters championship grades: 6 to count for Open Men. 4 to count for all other grades. Masters can count for both their club’s Masters and Open teams.
  • Junior Grades: 3 to count for all junior age grades, WU20 and WU18 to be combined.
  • Centre medals will be awarded for the first 3 registered Wellington Centre athletes in each grade.
  • Medals will be given out as soon as provisional results become available. Note final results might not be available on the day of the event. Season medals for each championship grade will also be given out as the results become available.

Race times and distances:

  • Race 1: 12:40pm: Junior Men U20 (7.5km - 3 loops of 2.5km); MM60-69 and 70+, MW50-59, 60-69 and 70+, WU20, WU18, men 20-59 non-championship, women 20-49 non-championship (5km - 2 loops of 2.5km)
  • Race 2: 1:20pm : Girls U10, Boys U10 (1km - 1 loop of 1km)
  • Race 3: 1:30pm: Girls U12, Boys U12 (2km - 2 loops of 1km)
  • Race 4: 1:50pm: MU18 (6km - 1 loop of 1km and 2 loops of 2.5km); Girls U16, Boys U16 (3.5km - 1 loop of 1km and 1 loop of 2.5km)
  • Race 5: 2:20pm: Girls U14, Boys U14 (2.5km - 1 loop of 2.5km)
  • Race 6: 2:45pm: SM, SW, MM35-49 , MW35-39, MM50-59, W50+ non-champ, M60+ non-champ (10km - 4 laps of 2.5km)







Saturday, 31 Aug 2019, 13:45 to 17:00: Trinity Run (social run with WHAC and Scottish), WHAC Clubrooms, Mt Victoria ×
Updated 23 Aug 2019.

When numbers were low during WW1 three Wellington clubs combined - WHAC, Olympic, and Scottish - to form Trinity Harriers. Come along for a social run from the WHAC Clubrooms to help us keep  those relationships strong.

There should be good numbers, and lots of packs. Find someone new to run with, and have some fun.

Meets at 1:45 for a 2pm start.

Bring a plate to share.