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The National Races

The national events are championship events organised by Athletics New Zealand (apart from the North Island Cross Country Champs which is an unofficial championship and is organised by the local harriers club).

NI Cross Country Champs

(Half-national anyway...)

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The NI Cross Country Champs is a huge event held in Taupo in early July (the first weekend of the school holidays). The event is held at Spa Park, which because of its free-draining volcanic soil is usually hard and fast. There are 14 races run over the day for all grades, with distances ranging from 9km for the senior men right down to 1km for the 9 and unders. Most grades having their own races. And as it is also the Club’s mid-winter club trip, it is also a social weekend for the whole family – put it in your diary early!

For the serious athletes, these under-distance races are good preparation for the Wellington Champs and National champs in the following weeks.

The grades and distances are as follows:

Grade Distance
Walkers (non-competitive) 3km (1×3km loop)
Girls 10 and under 1km (1×1km loop)
Boys 10 and under 1km (1×1km loop)
Girls 12 and under 2km (1×2km loop)
Boys 12 and under 2km (1×2km loop)
Girls 14 and under 3km (1×3km loop)
Boys 14 and under 3km (1×3km loop)
Women Under 18 4km (2×2km)
Men Under 18 5km (3km+2km)
Women Under 20 4km (2×2km)
Men Under 20 5km (3km+2km)
Masters Men 50+ (5 year age groups) 6km (2×3km loop)
Masters Women 35+ (5 year age groups) 5km (3km+2km)
Men Under 20 6km (2×3km loop)
Women Under 20 4km (2×2km loop)
Masters Men 35-49 (5 year age groups) 6km (2×3km loop)
Senior Women 5km (3km+2km)
Senior Men 9km (3×3km loop)

Athletics New Zealand Cross Country Champs


The national cross country champs determine the cross country champions for the year. The course moves around the country each year. Each Centre (e.g. Athletics Wellington) selects a number of athletes (from the M/W16 grades and up) to compete for their province wearing provincial colours. In Wellington, the Wellington Cross Country Champs is the main selection race, although the Dorne Cup and North Island Cross Country Races may also be used. If you think you are good enough to be selected please let the selectors know. Athletes not selected can still compete, representing their club.

Athletics New Zealand Road Champs

Like the national cross country champs, the national road champs determine the road champions for the year. Again the course moves around the country each year and each Centre selects athletes to represent it. In Wellington, the Wellington Road Champs is the main selection race, although athletes who were selected for the cross country champs may be automatically selected for the road champs. Athletes not selected can still compete, representing their club.

National Road Relay Champs

As the last event of the harrier season, it is also the climax for the year. After a winter of hard training, now’s the time to see it all pay off. This is the biggest Athletics New Zealand event of the year, usually with more than 150 teams from all around the country competing, and it’s a great opportunity to see the country’s top athletes competing. This trip is subsidised by the club, and anyone who wants to run will be put in a team, so don’t miss it.

The course varies in location. It usually has 7 or 8 laps for the senior course, and 4 or 5 laps for the junior course.

Previous course locations (and links to results) include:

NRR 2010 lap 1

Last updated: 27 Mar 2021

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