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The Wellington Inter-Club Races

The Club participates in and organises a number of inter-club events over the winter season. These are part of the Athletics Wellington calendar. Athletes compete for their clubs against other Wellington clubs for individual and teams placings.

Masters ages for Athletics Wellington races are 35-49 and 50+ for men and women. Some events also have a 60+ grade.

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Shaw Baton Relay

::[Course Location Map]::[Course Map]::

::[Fastest times at Battle Hill]::

This is traditionally the first interclub cross country race of the season. It is organised by Olympic, and is held at Battle Hill, near Pauahatanui. The race distance is approximately 2km.

The relay is split into a number of grades:

Race Grades Distance
1 Senior Women 4×2km
  Masters women 35+ (W35) (W40 in 2016 and 2017)  
  Masters women 50+ (W50) from 2017  
  Junior women (W-U20, W-U18)  
  Girls Under 15 (G-U15) from 2018  
2 Girls Under 13 (G-U13)  
  Girls Under 11 (G-U11)  
  Boys Under 13 (B-U13)  
  Boys Under 11 (B-U11)  
  Mixed Under 13  
  Mixed Under 11  
3 Boys and girls Under 10 1km fun run scratch race (non-relay, mass start)
4 Senior men 4×2km (6×2km until 2017)
  Masters men 35+ (M35) (M40 until 2017)  
  Masters men 50+ (M50)  
  Junior men (M-U20, M-U18)  
  Boys under 15 (B-U15) from 2018  

University Cross Country Relay

The University Relay, the second inter-club race, is also a cross country relay. It is held at QEII Park in Paekakariki (access from Mackay's Crossing) over a firm 3.5km course incorporating sand dunes.

From 2017 the races are:

Vosseler Shield

::[Course map]::[Start location map]

For many this event is the toughest race that club members will encounter during the season.

It is held at Mt Victoria over a very undulating, cross country course through the trails that run through the hills. Trophies and medals are awarded to the team winners and the first in each grade.

In addition to individual and team (grade) awards, all runners count for the overall club award, the Barry Everitt Plate.

The races are, with the counting team for each grade:

Race Grade(s) Distance Team details
1 Senior Women 5km 3
  Masters Women (35+) 5km 3 (combined with W50)
  Masters Women (50+) 5km  
  Junior men (MU20) 5km 3
  Men 60+ 5km 3
2 Junior women (WU20) 3.7km 3 (combined with WU18, GU15))
  Youth women (WU18) 3.7km  
  Girls Under 15 (GU15) 3.7km  
  Youth men (MU18) 3.7km 3 (combined with BU15)
  Boys Under 15 (BU15) 3.7km  
3 Boys Under 13 (BU13) 1.6km 3 (combined with BU11)
  Boys Under 11 (BU11) 1.6km  
4 Girls Under 13 (GU13) 1.6km 3 (combined with GU11)
  Girls Under 11 (GU11) 1.6km  
5 Senior 10km 6
  Masters Men 35+ 10km 3
  Masters Men 50+ 10km 3

Dorne Cup

::[Course Location Map]::

This event is held at Trentham Memorial Park over a flat & fast course.

The race is essentially a team event, with just the outright winner and the team winners being awarded medals.

The races are, with the counting team for each grade:

Race Grade(s) Distance Team details
1 Senior Women 6km 4
  Masters Women (35+) 6km 4
  Masters Women (50+) 6km 4
  Masters Men (60+) 6km 4
2 Junior Men (MU20) 4km 4
  Junior Women (WU20) 4km 4
  Youth Men (MU18) 4km 4
  Youth Women (WU18) 4km 4
  Boys Under 15 4km 4
  Girls Under 15 4km 4
3 Boys Under 11, Girls Under 11 2km 4
4 Boys Under 13, Girls Under 13 3km 4
6 Boys Under 9, Girls Under 9 1km 4
7 Open Men 8km 6
  Masters men 35+ 8km 4
  Masters men 50+ 8km 4

Athletics Wellington Cross Country Championships

::[Course Location Map]::

This is the final cross country race of the season for many club members apart from the Perston Baton Club relay. The event is usually held at Waikanae (Waikanae Park) over a part flat, part undulating course - all cross country and includes jumps.

Medals are given to the first 3 and team winners in each grade.

The Wellington Champs events, with team members to count, are:

Race Grade(s) Distance Team details
1 Masters men 35+ 8km (4×2km) 4
  Masters men 50+ 8km (4×2km) 4
  Masters men 60+ 8km (4×2km) 4
  Non championship senior men 8km (4×2km) No teams/no medals
  Senior Women 8km (4×2km) 4
2 Youth Women (WU18) 4km 4
  Masters Women (35+) 6km (3×2km) 4
  Masters Women (50+) 6km (3×2km) 4
  Junior Women (WU20) 6km (3×2km) 4
  Youth Men (MU18) 6km (3×2km) 4
3 Junior Men (MU20) 8km (4×2km) 4
  Senior men 12km (8×2km) 6
4 Boys and Girls U9 1km (1×1km) 4
5 Boys and Girls U11 2km (1×2km) 4
6 Boys and Girls U13 3km (1km+2km) 4


SM race at Wellington Champs 2011

Needle Relay

The Needle Relay replaced the Bays Relay in 2020. It is a five lap course with start, finish and all lap changeovers at the zephyrometer at the Evans Bay Marina carpark. Laps alternate between 5km and 3km, with the 5km laps heading north along Evans Bay Parade, and the 3km laps heading east along Cobham Drive. 


Lap 3/4 changeover, Bays Relay 2011

Athletics Wellington Road Champs

::[Club trophies]::

This is held in conjunction with the club road running championships each year, and thus there are plenty of club trophies up for grabs across all grades. Most recently the running champs have been held on a closed road at Wainuiomata. The course is based on a reasonably sheltered gently sloping 2km up-and-back circuit with a hairpin turn at each end. The walkers' champs are held at Trentham.

The race grades and race distances are:

Race Grade(s) Distance Team details
1 Masters women 50+ 5km 4
  Junior Women (WU20) 5km 4
  Youth Women (WU18) 5km 4
  Non championship senior women 5km No team/no medals
  Non championship men 5km No team/no medals
2 Girls Under 15 3km 4
  Boys Under 15 3km 4
3 Girls Under 9 1km 4
  Boys Under 9 1km 4
4 Senior Women 10km 4
  Masters Women 35+ 10km 4
  Junior Men (MU20) 8km 4
  Youth Men (MU18) 6km 4
5 Girls Under 11 2km 4
  Boys Under 11 2km 4
6 Girls Under 13 2km 4
  Boys Under 13 2km 4
7 Senior Men 10km 4
  Masters Men 35+ 10km 4
  Masters Men 50+ 10km 4
  Masters Men 60+ 10km 4


Last updated: 20 Apr 2021

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